sweetness & lightning Midway impression


This is every episode in a nutshell.

The show is about cooking food.

I don’t know what to write????

I have watched 6 episodes of this anime now and each episode follows a basic formula:

  1. What do you want to cook?
  2. Let’s cook this.
  3. We managed to cook it.

The show is cute and has an energy to it; I just wish it had more substance outside that formula.


O_O There really isn’t anything to comment on!

2 responses

  1. You’ve already watched 2 more episodes in than I did. Not that it was bad but I just didn’t care what they were cooking and couldn’t deal with the general sweetness of the show.

    1. I prefer “Wakakozake” to this anime. The episodes is only 2 minutes long and concentrate on the pleasure of eating the food.

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