Math problem

XD I was looking at my anime list (Excel) and I spotted an empty slot in a place where there should’t be one.I looked thogh the to watch list and found that I had forgotten to shift over one of  them to the mid list.

T_o It’s extra annoying because I usually highlight them before I even start watching.

It’s karma biting me in the butt for trying to avoid watching “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”.

2 responses

  1. Do you have the sheet up somewhere? I tracked my list in excel also, as I used it to figure out how fast I needed to watch (and write) to get everything done that I wanted to this year.

    1. ^-o yep! I have 3 list on excel and one on word.

      Each list has a max number a shows I can place on it (stops me from starting too many shows/ leaving to many midway).

      I start using a colour system when I’m in the mood for a binge session.

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