Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches ending (reaction)


There is a reason why I avoid teen books. 

synopsis: 7 girls have magical powers.

I’m going to be straight to the point here: I have a strong biased towards this anime.  If you love it fine however, I can’t enjoy this show purely because it is written too simplistically.

When I watch a harem anime I want to see how the girls individually communicate with the males lead, this show doesn’t have that.   Excluding the blond haired lass I can’t even remember on the top of my head what the other 6 girls look like.

I don’t feel like the show properly expressed the suffering these girls had to go through thanks to their powers.


  1. I have powers and a backstory I will tell you about.
  2. Guy is nice to them.
  3. Everything is better.

It was so formulaic I didn’t want to watch it all the way to the end.

My score 4/10

T-o If you are a young teen you might like it.

One response

  1. I haven’t seen this anime but I saw the live action drama. Had basically the same thoughts with that.

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