Alderamin on the Sky on hold


I hate this anime.

Establish your world!  The setting of this anime never stays consistent for more than one episode, it’s driving me mad.

For a good chunk of the anime I thought when he said: “scientific” he didn’t know what this meant and he was using it as another way to say “logical”….nope! He’s just a pretentious jerk.

Don’t say geological or mathematical, scientific sounds so much cooler.

^-o According to this anime doing tasks efficiently means you’re lazy.

2 responses

  1. I have been having a kind of love/hate relationship with this anime myself. It was not bad, there are defintely some great episodes, but it was a bit too inconsistent for my tastes 😀

    1. The story seems a messy but ok, it’s just that one character that is making it really hard to watch.

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