I will be back the 27th December

Tonight I’m going to be working in order for me to get boxing day off.

7:30pm – 9:45pm  *shop shuts at 10pm*

The big shop is shutting at 6 pm meaning are Local shop will be the only place people can pick up last minute items (it’s going to be messy).

It’s really wired because I start the job at 6am – 8:15am.

Christmas day I will be celebrating with my parents until my boyfriend picks me up allowing me to spend the rest of the day with his family (I can’t join my family because the house is too small and fights brake out). I just wanted to sit in his house reading a book however, his mother insist that I join them because the thought of me being alone on Christmas is depressing (I have no problem with being alone, its just when I’m  locked upstairs and all you hear is merriment downstairs it bums me out).

*I need my own home!*

On boxing day I will be going to diner at my Nan’s .

Twice now my Nan has managed to get me drunk, I’m determined not to let her win this year (I’m going to miss them when they are gone).

o-O  There time was when she offered me a glass of her expensive Sherry.  I couldn’t say no because my Nan doesn’t let anyone drink her sherry, being offered a glass is a great honor (my entire family gasped and stared at me when she asked).

The second time was when I had to drink two crystal glasses worth of white wine; I did this because my boyfriend doesn’t drink alcohol and we didn’t want to be rude to the host who had already poured it. After I finished my first I switched glasses making it look like he had fished his and I was just proceeding to drink mine.

XD Didn’t fool anyone (most people I know are teetotal meaning I rarely drink).

2 responses

  1. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. Hope you will have a great Christmas: enjoy 😀

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