Alderamin on the Sky Midway impression.


That table to the left is really annoying me.

what is this about?: “There is a war.”

Anything else?  “SCIENCE!”

I think the best way I can describe this anime is by comparing to the problem I had with a book I read over the summer.

It had perfect grammar, well-structured and an interesting premise (the book even won an award) however; soon as you try and bond with the characters it all falls apart.  O-o The plot would have taken place even if they had sat on their butts doing nothing for 300 pages (I got the book from the author signed).  *You know how people get gamer rage, I get book rage (I tend to read two books at a time because of this).*

I don’t really like the characters in this anime and the plot feels like it will move along even if they were doing nothing for the next 6 episodes.   We could be following the story of the guy 2nd to the left on the front row and the story would still have managed to reach this point in the show.

Even during the main leads training practice where he saves the princess felt pointless, why was she there to begin with?  He tells everyone to be lazy and then nothing else has been mentioned about it since, why did that inspire them in the first place?

“I can you my brain.”

“He should be are leader, he knows how to use basic logic.”

How did they even move that log into the lake?

I’m just not getting into it.

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