I anyone ells having this problem: getting junk I didn’t follow in my reader.

O_o What is the point of giving me a costume list made to help me access blogs I follow  if WordPress is just going to put random sites into the mix.

There has to be a better way of advertising these blogs without forcing them into my feed.

If need make two feeds, just leave my main one alone!

^-o Merry Christmas everyone.


9 responses

  1. Strange that you’re getting this problem. I never get anything outside of what I follow.

    You’re looking at your Reader tab, right?

    1. I made sure it was my reader. O_O I’m getting random stuff in there.

      1. Maybe try posting the question on the WordPress.com help forum. I’ve asked for help there a couple times and they’re pretty good about responding.

      2. T-o I would need to keep my eye out for it a little longer before I felt confident enough to see it as a problem that needs desperately addressing.

  2. Did you click follow for Discover? That’s the one which features all the other posts randomly?

    1. discover.wordpress.com site!

    2. Where can I find out (had this blog for years now).

      1. Then it’s strange 😕.

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