Tokyo ESP first impression


There is nothing visually interesting to see. 

What is the anime about?  People with powers attack.

There really isn’t anything else to talk about.  There is a white girl who saves people from the bad guys who attacked because they could…but she doesn’t really show up until the end.

My main focus when watching this was trying to figure out what ESP meant?

At first I found “Extrasensory perception”, but that doesn’t explain there super powers.

O_O Then it hit me! An Esper in Japan is is not just  “Extrasensory perception” they are also “a person with superpowers”. This brings up many questions????

If these people had super human abilities I could sort of understand, but they are clearly going supernatural in this show.

*When someone says Esper to me I think psychic powers not people with magical random ability.*

Just call it Tokyo magic (there is no difference).


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