Charlotte ending (reaction)


This was a dumb episode

*Implications in these last 6 episodes are disgraceful and idiotic.*

This anime is about “KIDS” having their powers awakened by a meteor.

Here is one of the BIG problems with these last couple of episode: The powers the kids get is not given to them by the meteor, it’s activated by the particles from meteor. These powers are natural yet the people are calling them “Ill” (virus) and “they need to be cured”.

WHY!  No other counties seem to be having problems with these powerful children and part from the odd which hunt there has been no big accidents throughout history.  Plus what is his gathering up powers going to achieve?  The meteor will just come back like it always does creating more magical children.

Why establish that they grow out of there powers if your just going to show a load of magical adults?

Implication of: “If you have a mutation that differs from the norm you must be fixed.” is pretty sewed up. The healing girl was helping people yet are “hero” still looked at her as a mutated freak who need “saving”.

This entire anime wouldn’t have even taken place if people were not abusing the powers that these children were gifted with.  Wouldn’t it be better to help people understand there powers instead of saying “once we find a way to fix  you your manipulative personality will change.”

There was another big thing in this anime that really confused me: Why wasn’t the blind woman’s eyes white?  They made the blind time-travelers eyes white yet for some reason they left hers blue?????? Was it to indicate she was from a different county? because visually it made no sense.

This anime got so confused by the second half.

My score 5/10

That ending drags this anime down.



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  1. Mutants who help people get abused? Sounds like X-Men.

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