This Art Club Has a Problem! Midway impression

Capture 1.PNG

Wish they would drop the romance.

This is about. . . I don’t know??? It’s meant to be about an art club but, for some reason most of the jokes have nothing to do with art…. in fact the jokes about his waifu paintings are starting to ware-thin.

  • It’s not funny.
  • There is little focus.
  • The “romance” is nothing more then unhealthy obsession.

The dude isn’t interesting in 3 dimensional woman! He has told you this and you still keep pushing the idea that one day he will be cured and then fall into your arms.  There is a chance they could be together however, you would have to be understanding that he is more sexual attracted to his painted waifu (there are woman who date men with anime waifu’s purely because they know he won’t go off with another 3D woman).

*I watch some strange documentaries. O_O Just hope he doesn’t get legally married to his waifu (japan is wired).*

The show is charming, but heavily lacking focus.

One response

  1. I’m glad that your midway impressions series exists. I tend to drop a lot of my anime early (like in episode one or two) so it’s good to confirm whether I was right to drop it or not. (In this case and in the case of Alderamin Of The Sky I feel like I was right to drop them based off of your roundups).

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