Happy new year!

Managed to convince DB to allow me to see the new year with him.

Going to try hard this year to post everyday thanks to me only having 2 jobs now. I only lost it during the Mid part of the year and it took me awhile to try and get my rhythm/system back  into working order.

I love getting to watch as much anime as I do and know that there are people out there that who want to read my thoughts is delightful.

When I started this blog I only go 1 view per day and I never thought I could reach the 100 followers mark. XD It’s odd to think a blog that I made to keep me from feeling guilty about watching so much anime has managed to last so long.

Blogs are an amazing way of keeping your sanity after you leave college (Took me awhile to adjust to an adult life).

^-o Here is me hoping for a fanatic year for new and old bloggers!

3 responses

  1. Happy new year to you as well. Goodluck with your 2 jobs, and I hope 2017 will be awesome for you 😀

  2. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    Only two jobs? I have one job and it’s one job too many!

    1. ^_^ When I was doing the 3 I felt like I wanted to die at the end of each week.

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