Bungo Stray Dogs first impression


What an awesome anime to start the new year with.

It has been so long since I have watched a manga adaptation and not said “This is a quick cash grab.”  Don’t trust those “we going to make anime” shows, a lot of them will rush the product and fix it in post (makes the DVD more valuable).  we might be getting more anime then ever but, you can’t argue that the quality hasn’t been suffering from it(not bad, just really bland and lifeless).

This anime it about a team of magical detectives that solve mysteries.

This is amazingly directed! Everyone’s movements were fluid, natural and even transitioned into the goofy expressions without giving me visual whiplash. If I was to complain about anything it would be the over use of the church (each replay diminished the impact it original had). Part from that this is one of the best anime I have seen in ages (no over powering music in the background!).

I know this might go without saying: I loved how the detective anime allowed me to solve the mystery on my own.

I’m so used to these kinds of anime having plot point that go nowhere that I was going to disregard everything I had spotted as: “It’s never going to be brought up.” The show managed to subvert my exceptions by coming to the most logical answer using information given to we the viewer.

^_^ I’m looking forward to watching more of this.

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