Himouto! Umaru-chan ending (reaction)


This last episodes was really lacking in jokes.

I finally got to the end of this popular anime, what was my final response?!  It was ok.

This anime is about a bratty girl who references things.

I couldn’t tell you any of the jokes in this or individually pick out any episode and tell you what happens in it….So why did this get so popular???

Umaru in chibi form is really cute!

The amount of merchandise I have seen for this anime is mindbogglingly (There were 5 stalls at the con I went to selling nothing but Umaru capes).   I own 2 of them!

*They are really warm and great to put on when you’re in the mood for an anime binge.*

I don’t have much to say about this anime however, I do have a story that involves this anime.

When me and DB went to Sweden to see his dad we had to stay in the guest house outside. The little home was one room surrounded with windows that had shutter that needed to be opened in the morning and shut at night.

One night it was dark and slightly drizzling.

Me: “We need to close the shutters”

DB: “But it’s raining”

Me: “only a little”

DB: “I’m only in my boxers”

Me: “You can use my Umaru cape”

DB: “Sure hope dad is asleep”

Me: “Run my hamster!”

You need to close them from both the outside and the inside.

^-^ After that we took turns wearing it when we wanted to make  each-other smile.

My score 6/10 I think a lot of the problems when it comes to comedy derive from how bland the supporting cast is (Umaru has no one to bounce off).


3 responses

  1. I had a similar feelings about this show. It was really fun to watch but it really goes nowhere. The jokes are always overwhelmingly just someone being surprised by what Umaru does.

  2. As a wearer of snuggies I can see the appeal of a warm cape.

    1. U-U The snuggie is too long for me (curse you one size fits all!).

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