Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend ending (reaction)


Why is she dry humping him? I understand anime girls have odd ways of showing there anger…..but dry humping?!  Do I really have to look up who sexually assaulted him in episode 0!!!


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Capture 1

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*jokes about sexual assault are not funny!*

The show is about……..I’m not sure???

I feel that there are 3 different ways one can watch this anime.

  1. Tomoya can’t directly reflect how he feels in the real world so he interprets it into a dating simulator. This root in theory gets him all the girls while at the same time none of the girls.
  2. He is a dense otaku manipulating people so that he can live within his own little delusion.  The way he talks and treats Megumi as if she was his character is a little disturbing and really makes you wonder about his mental health (it’s ok to have her be in character when you are look for ideas……however, it gets very creepy when he expects her to be like that 24 7).
  3.  The show is trying to say: “life is like a dating simulator”
    Which is why I reply with: “It’s not like that at all!”
    By the midway point in this anime split into two shows: one which had a main female lead that looked at the games from a realistic eye and two being straight up over dramatized trash.

If you want to do the “life is like a dating simulator” plot you have to commit to it from the start!  All this drama has no impact of the final game which makes the drama feel extra hollow by the time you reach the last episode.

I don’t mind telling you how this anime ends: A band plays a song and one root of his game is completed.  *T_T I feel so fulfilled.*

My score 4/10 

The first half was average, the second half nosedives into a different anime where everyone is over dramatic for the sake of being over dramatic.


3 responses

  1. Thought this anime had some hype and had it in my watch list…
    Seriously removing it after this review. Does it have anything interesting, which is worth looking at?!

    1. Not that I can see (It’s a Marmite show: you either love it or hate it).

  2. Well look at that, you finished it. Can’t say it was worth your time after seeing what you thought about it. But now you can watch a really good one!

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