Bad news (don’t know when I will be back).

On Tuesday the operating system on my personal computer decided that it wanted to die with a bang.

It is currently being worked on by my cousin in his personal workshop.

You know you computer is dead when a head IT manager looks at it and goes:“Oh frig! You do know computers just die?”

O_o When the OS went it tried to take out the main memory at the same-time meaning an entirely new memory card has to be placed in it. He is currently trying to hack into the damaged card in order to retrieve some of my files (they are they, they are just nt responding).

XD He did yell at me a little (he used to teach):

Him: “You should have backed up your hard drive!”

Me:”sorry sir.”

It should be coming home at some point next week.

*Will need to start from scratch.*

I’m currently using my mothers computer if you are wondering how I’m sending out this message.


2 responses

  1. That’s a real shame about your computer. I don’t really understand what you mean about the OS deciding to die. I mean, I’m sure your cousin knows what he’s talking about but I work in software too and what you described sounds kind of odd.

    In any case, it’s a real bummer about your computer. Hopefully you’ll have everything you need to get back up and running soon.

    1. XD It’s hard to explain what happen (I have never had a computer die like that). O_o I just sat there staring at the screen as it read “Please install operating disk into the computer.”

      In sort, my window 7 said “I’m going to die today.”
      She has a new windows 7 operating system in her now and lucky for me all the files are safe. ^_^ Because it’s the same computer I managed to reload my fire wall!

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