Back up and working

I will have to go buy an external hard drive to improve the memory, but part from that she is in working order.

Both of my USB port are now working and my screen is no longer 1cm to the left…makes me wonder if my old windows 7 ever properly worked???

I knew it was getting bad because I couldn’t put disks in my drive anymore (you were never sure how it would react) and it would say the computer was processing too much when I only had two internet windows opened. The strangest things always happened in word, I’m talking sentence rearrangement and randomly placing me in different paragraphs while I was typing (It would active Cap lock at random).

Do you know what broke it?

One internet window.

The computer took over 10 minutes to activate that day!  That includes the first 3 minutes where it was telling me I had a hp pavilion.

As a last FU to me the OP attempted to damage the mane drive! Y_Y Lucky for me nothing in the drive was corrupted …..however, it was damaged in such a way that it will no longer work in a pc (Its as if a door had been locked).

My cousin managed to boot it up (new OS) and  told me: “I can see everything, but nothing is activating?”  The damaged had been done and all the files had to be shifted onto a new drive (they are all working now).

T_o I am planing on getting a new PC, just not at this current time.

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