Gourmet Dream eshop

Gourmet Dream is a better version of Conveni Dream…what ells is there to say?

In Conveni Dream one of the biggest problems is that the game practically plays itself along with there being no consequences to your actions (you can’t loose).

In Gourmet Dream you are given 3 modes to choose from “easy, normal and hard” along with being able to choose 3 locations to place your restaurant.You have to manage your money and your stock along with switching around your staff to allow time off.

I went bankrupted a lot while playing this! There so much you need to be keeping an eye on.

You no longer have restrictions on how much stuff you can buy based on your level.


If I had one complaint that carries over from the last game it would be that it’s hard to grab and return items (you have to keep your styles pressed down longer then you should).


The lack of sunlight is really starting to impact me! I had a strange dream I was living in a old church where it had been divided into loads of rooms being occupied by nerd/geeks. O_o no room belong to anyone meaning that if there was an unassigned bed across from you there might be a random occupant sleeping there in the morning(You had a key to lock your stuff under the bed).

*I can have very vivid dreams.*

Need to make a planner to get more out of my day (should’t be that hard).

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