There is a good reason I’m not social.

Had a woman pin me ageist a cash machine using a mountain buggy (It was placed 5cm behind me). she had her head peering over my solder she was so close.

I told her to back off but she gave me an emotionless passive response.

I fished using the machine and turned around.

me:“Can you please move the buggy.” 

person:“Side step around it”

*She had it length ways.*

Me: “Move it and I can get out”

Person: “What are you mentally ill you freak.”

T_T I didn’t want to engage her In a fight so I just squeezed though the gap while we exchanged insults.

I walked down the pavement until the stress of the situation made me pass out.


3 responses

  1. Did you seriously pass out?

    This sounds pretty awful. I mean, the lady was asking for it… what possible reason could she have to not give you space to get out?

    1. pass out isn’t really the correct term, it’s more like my mind gets a power surge followed by a temporary shutdown. It also happens with anger however, I’m a lot better at dealing with that one….for the most part (my mum has had to pin me to the ground).

      My answer would be: looking at her body language I would say she probably was one of the queen bees closest acquaintances when she was in school, this would mean she would get a deep sense of superiority when intimidating people she mentally deems as easy pray.

      T-T In short: she’s an ass.

  2. Hmm…well seriously, this has nothing to do with you. A person responding like this, has to have herself get checked out. Seriously…don’t worry, unfortunately we seem to live in a world where people think it is ok to respond like this. Let me tell you: it is NOT!. So, I hope you will feel better soon, and as I said: there is nothing wrong with you. Keep faith in yourself 😊

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