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I’m stopping blogging (don’t know if or when I will be back)

I have been thinking about this for a long time and after being trapped in a dead zone with in my own head I have decided to walk away from anime. Sadly it’s not just anime, i’m also leaving the internet cold turkey.

*A year before I started this blog I had not been on the internet for a year (I can easily do without).*

I need something that can mentally simulate me.

Thanks to all the people who have followed me over the years and I hope you all good fortune in the years to come.

Depressed back 27th

I forgot that when I’m not cleaning in the morning my depression starts to kick in. Maybe in the future I will have to plan a trip away for my remaining days off.

I’m so BORED!

The worst thing about being so down is that nothing that would usually bring you joy will make you happy.  I can’t believe it took me 3 days to realise why I was so down.

T_T I need to find a way to keep my brain busy or bad things enter my head (I need to get them back in there cage).

Played splatoon for the first time.

It was an experience…. though I do have a couple of qualms with it.

Why are under lv 10’s being matched up against lv 50’s?

Why do we only get two battle fields?

Why are lv 7 players playing worse than a lv 1 player?

If I had a microphone I would be shouting at these people: “Don’t all stand in the same place!”

*Good thing this game has no mics*

I got to lv9 really fast thanks to being matched up with some competent teammates (it very much is just luck of the draw). One team was so bad we were struggling to find their paint.

O_o There were games when we were destroyed however, I don’t count them as fare thanks to the games matching us against players who were much more experienced then us and had way better weaponry (lv 30+).

^_^ Hope Splatoon two fix’s the level match up’s when in Wi-Fi mode.

elDLIVE first impression


I get it now….still think the animation chooses/themes are messy, but I understand why now.

This is about a boy who is forced to join a space police force and has an alien inside him.

This show is a collage of different anime styles…. which unfortunately works more against it the for it. In a manga using the background to express an emotion is normal, when you do it in an anime it just looks strange and out of place. O-T They come sporadically for no reason and then go as fast as they came (like a fart in the wind). Was it meant to be funny?

I did learn while studying this anime that it was made by the same person who wrote “hit man reborn” (that heavy explains the humour).

^_o Far as Teen anime go this is satisfyingly good; the show has way more than enough energy to keep my attention.

I still have no idea what possessed the director to give that woman bouncy breast! however, that’s one problem in a pretty entertaining anime (can easily see how people would be turned off by this).


walking over your face is an odd way to transition a scene.

elDLIVE: what the hell!

This is written like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

The style looks like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

Y_Y Why the hell is there jiggly breast in an anime for 8-12 year olds!


I have seen shounen woman with big breast however, I have never seen it this overtly sexual. If the show is not made for for 8-12 year olds WHO WERE YOU PLANING ON SELLING THIS TOO!

This anime is clearly made with really young boys in mind.

Dose anyone ells feel this way about 2015-2016 anime?

I’m going though my back catalogue of anime and came to a realisation: There are too many bland anime in this list!

o-O I have the morning off next week which means I can watch more anime no problem, however, I feel like a lot of the shows on my list are so bland that I can already guess how they are going to end.

In 2014 I found that there was a lot more risks taken in the variety of show being released….why have we gone back to playing it safe????

It feels like loads of anime released in 2015-2016 are just going to be lost to time thanks to how little impact they left (they are not bad, they are not bad, they are just average).

I’m not a winter person.

Looking forward to spring!

Throughout this entire winter I have been nothing but lethargic,overly stressed, joint pain and have the strong desire to regurgitate my insides.

XD I would even tell my teachers when I was in school: “I die in the winter and come back in the spring.”

T-T I have not even got any writing done thanks to how disorientated my body is at the moment (my eyes are drying up).

Utawarerumono The False Faces first impression


It’s visually nice

What is this anime about? I don’t know; they didn’t establish anything reassembling a plot,story or even a premise. The show is about a guy who is found with no memory and is now working in a Town….or is it a village??? while being watched over by a cat girl.

There is a basis for an idea there, wonder what the anime will do with it???

It feels like I’m watching an opening to an RPG…..which just makes me want to play an RPG.

It’s really pretty and the music compliments it so well, I just wish that this first episode could have set something moving just to make the show feel a little less slow and  shallow.

I want to try something new.

One of my dreams is to write a book however, my biggest hurdles is that I lack discipline.

U_U I’m going to start doing this blog every other day so that I can balance out my anime watching with my desire to get better at this skills.

o_O Words are like a paintings, they emanate the spirits of there writers when done using the correct brush strokes. Each book is inspired by a different art movement and I wish to understand how they work in order to create something that will satisfy this hunger in me.

I wish to learn to paint with words!

Not been good at managing time this week.

You know it’s bad when you have to look back at your own blog to try and make sense of what happened!

My logo work is practically done now and my computer has been checked over after I learned about the scary nature of the internet (you are never truly safe).

Not going to be on Saturday due to me meeting up early with a friend I haven’t seen in ages and spending the night with DB.


I don’t want to seem like I’m putting junk in peoples feed, so here is my new ear worm for the next week or so.