What are you Spiritpact?


This is one of the first shows in a long time where I’m willing to talk about each episode individually.

This anime feels like it will be the Magical warfare of 2017! It will start off in a bad place and end up in an amazing terrible place.

From what information I could find this anime comes from china and is based on a Chinese web comic.

At least with magical warfare it was a publish book, this on the other hand is a web comic…a lot more room to slip up don’t you say.

strap yourself in we are in for a bumpy ride.


4 responses

  1. I watched the first episode…It wasn’t bad exactly, but it wasn’t great either?
    The animation seemed to be kind of low quality (choppy frame movement). The story seemed to be kind of interesting, but not clearly defined about what it was setting out to be.
    Not sure if I’ll watch another episode.

    1. I wouldn’t call it a bad story…muddled but not bad..yet. I’m more fascinated by the way they edited it all together.

  2. I’ve watched 4 episodes of this. It starts off gloriously terrible, but it is kind of fun.

    The story might just be going somewhere, though. Fingers crossed.

    1. I don’t think they are going to be bad in the sense of poor written, it’s going to be bad in the way they put it all together (editing sense). I love magical warfare because you can clearly see there is a miscommunication between the writers and the animators (I feel this show might fall into the pit).

      ^_o The messy story is just a bonus.

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