Black butler…why do you like it?

Even if I wasn’t watching the Dub I can see a lot of problems with this anime!

T-o Where is this anime set??? You might say: “It’s London” Then why is Ciel dressed like a male lolita???? I doubt lolita fashion was a thing during any random British time period they are going for.

The animation is passable and the writing feel unbalanced at times (It’s hard to mix comedy and drama without splitting you anime in half).

Do people only like this show because Sebastian is attractive or dose it improve to amazing levels?


5 responses

  1. I think it is meant to be an alternative version of Victorian London given the number of historical inaccuracies (I don’t think they ever intended it to be a real view of London).
    I really enjoyed the atmosphere and tone of the anime but understand that it isn’t for everyone and the comedy is definitely a bit of a hit and miss affair. And yes, Sebastian is attractive but I don’t think that alone is enough to make most people sit through the whole anime.

    1. T-o What is confusing me is that in the manga they have Ciel trade in video games making it clear the world they exists in is not any particular period in time however, in anime they changed that making things a lot more confusing and questionable.

  2. Meh, it depends on what you like. Most animes are historical inaccurate expect for period dramas. I never counted on Black Bulter being historical. It’s fantasy, and that’s how I view it.

    1. My problem stems from them changing things from the manga to make it more accurate just to ignore it in later episodes.
      Even fantasy has rules.

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