Dose anyone ells feel this way about 2015-2016 anime?

I’m going though my back catalogue of anime and came to a realisation: There are too many bland anime in this list!

o-O I have the morning off next week which means I can watch more anime no problem, however, I feel like a lot of the shows on my list are so bland that I can already guess how they are going to end.

In 2014 I found that there was a lot more risks taken in the variety of show being released….why have we gone back to playing it safe????

It feels like loads of anime released in 2015-2016 are just going to be lost to time thanks to how little impact they left (they are not bad, they are not bad, they are just average).


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  1. There have been a lot of formulaic and not so exciting stuff, but that happens every season. Not every year can be 2007.

    Did you dislike Erased, Re:Zero, Yuri on Ice, Noragami Aragoto, and Mob Psycho 100?

    At least you can say Prison School wasn’t trying to play it safe 😛

    1. Compared to how many anime came out that year that’s a very small amount that stood out.

      ^_^ I love Prison School (I have the manga). Remember that the UK doesn’t get all the anime that USA gets when watching Cruchyroll.

      1. The number of amazing shows is about the same every year though.

        Let’s look at 2007 since I mentioned it before, but we can do this with any year. There were some very memorable/influential shows like Gurren Lagann, Claymore, Baccano!, and Clannad. Others like Naruto Shippuden and Lucky Star became very popular. There were also underrated stars like Moribito. That’s still only 7 shows out of about 130 that came out in that year, and the number of outstanding shows (meaning subtract Naruto and Lucky Star) is closer to 5

        2014 had a lot of outstanding shows too, like Noragami 1st season, Haikyuu, Parasyte the Maxim, and Your Lie in April. The number of shows you thought were good will of course be personal preference, but I hope you see where I’m going with this. 193 Anime came out in 2014, but how many stood out to you?

        2015 had Food Wars, Assassination Classroom, Overlord, Prison School, and One Punch Man. These shows were at least different and stood out for what they tried to do, even if they were a mixed bag critically.

        All this makes no distinction of what aired in the US vs UK or wherever. I don’t know what you personally had access to so I can’t judge that. In recent years they certainly are making MORE anime than they used to, so the ratio of outstanding shows probably feels smaller.

      2. I’m not talking about amazing show, I’m taking about passable show.
        T-o I’m looking for 6/10 shows not 7 and up.
        I want shows where the studio gave a crap about making it and not just doing it to hit all the basic points.

        I know many shows that will not hit the high marks of the average anime viewer, the problem is they are becoming more and more lifeless.

        o-O There are more anime then ever and so many are quick cash grabs! it’s as if a machine is pumping these out.

        I do like how a lot of new studio’s are dipping there feet into the water (they at least have an excuse).

      3. sorry if I annoyed ya dood.
        I have been on edge thank to bad thoughts entering my head. T_T Watching the details of how anime are directed keeps my head occupied (I’m a little scared at the moment).

      4. No worries, I wasn’t annoyed at all. I would let you know if you annoyed me, or more likely I would probably stop talking to you. But I’m still here, so you’re all good 😀

        I just see the argument made frequently that the most recent anime seems to be worse than before, and to me it always comes off as nostalgia or not judging them by the same criteria.

        Getting into the nitty gritty of anime production opens your eyes to all kinds of things you wish you didn’t know. At the end of the day it’s a product, after all, and if they don’t make it in a way that will sell, they won’t be able to make another one.

      5. That the problem! they are not bad or good, they are just bland toast!
        They are the kind of anime you watch say “that was ok” and then walk away never speaking of it again.

        o-o You buy it and then then forget you own it.

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