elDLIVE: what the hell!

This is written like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

The style looks like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

Y_Y Why the hell is there jiggly breast in an anime for 8-12 year olds!


I have seen shounen woman with big breast however, I have never seen it this overtly sexual. If the show is not made for for 8-12 year olds WHO WERE YOU PLANING ON SELLING THIS TOO!

This anime is clearly made with really young boys in mind.

12 responses

  1. Oh boy those silly Japanese got it wrong again. Sigh.

  2. It’s not a kids Anime.

    It’s a mid-teens Anime.

    It has a lot of gore and serious science fiction stuff happening down the line.

    The first few episodes are just introducing the world through some jarring comedy.

    It gets better, don’t worry 😛

    1. Sorry but I think you will find a lot of them gory anime are not kids/teen anime.

      Have you tried to watch a gory anime recently??? Look up terra formars where everyone has a black dot on there face and half the screen is blacked out.

      I think shot it’s self in the foot by heavy choose the wrong style to tell there story in.
      I read a lot of manga and have seen a lot anime, I can happily say the writing is young teen and the style is young teen.Older teens won’t want to watch it due to the infantile style and writing, while the young teens can’t watch it because of the dark themes.
      The show has shot it’s self in the foot as far as marketing is concerned

      I can understand why this has such a lot rating on MAL.

      1. I’m a little confused as to what your point here is. I never said the Anime was for kids, I said it wasn’t for kids. Because it isn’t…

        As someone who’s been watching Anime for the better part of 13 years and is in his 20’s, I can honestly say that I don’t find the writing “infantile” at all. Sure, the first episode or two has some juvenile humour in the form of fan-service and slapstick comedy, but that’s the Mangaka’s style. She starts all her works off with a humorous and ligh hearted tone before getting serious and intense. The series actually gets very mature in its writing, and explores some very complicated science fiction concepts, has fantastic world building and has a main character who develops in a very realistic and complex way.

        Of course, you’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t discredit the show by calling it “infantile” because it’s not at all. It’s actually a very mature show once you scratch beyond the surface.

        As far as marketing is concerned, I’m not sure if you know this, but the show is actually wildly successful in Japan due to the creators previous work, Hitman Reborn, which is one of the most popular and best selling Anime of all time. Since elDLIVE was written by the same creator, it’s actually gotten really popular as a result. The show is even a mascot for the Japanese Police Force. So the show has actually marketed itself really well.

        As for MAL ratings. Meh. They mean very little to me. Some of my favourite shows of all time have low MAL scores, that doesn’t mean they’re bad shows. Scores are purely subjective and are just an opinion, just as your opinion about elDLIVE is just your opinion as well.

        Which of course your entitled to, as am I. I will reiterate that the show does get better, particularly after Episode 4. I strongly recommend you stick around til then.

      2. O_O wow TOO MUCH!
        I’m sticking with the show (I did a first impression of it Monday).

        ^_^ I’m going to be truthful and say I didn’t read all the comment (Looked like fan venting).
        T-o Just because a show has writing for younger ages doesn’t mean I wont watch it. You have to acknowledge who the mane market the show is aimed at or you end up compering Bananya to death note (which I have seen people do that).

      3. Glad you’re at least sticking with the show.

        Fair enough. Although if we’re being truthful I guess I’ll say your lack of willingness to acknowledge a discussion/any form of criticism a little ignorant. There’s a difference between venting and legitimate criticism.

        I’m perfectly acknowledging the target market for the show: it’s not aimed at kids or young audiences. It is aimed at teens. That being said, demographics mean very little to begin with, since there are lots of kids shows that are actually really smart and well written as well.

        As for comparing Bananya to Death Note, why would anyone do something so misguided…?

      4. O_O When you make comments too big my eyes go funny (it’s why I struggle reading books).

        T-o It came off as venting. if you want to discuss I don’t mind (just make the points smaller).

        O_O Yes young teen! sorry if I went too young. In japan you have kodomo and shonen.
        shoujo can be aimed at 8-12,
        so in that logic shonen 8-12.
        Then you have your 12-16.

        After that you move to more mature fiction. Looking at the writing and the style this is low shonen.

        At the end of the day it’s still shonen, it’s meant to be amid at teen boys ( shonen jump is a strange magazine)

        You can love any show you like however, you need to understand that your watching a kids show.

        XD I was reading a review for “one fine day” and person said “it’s not mature like death note.” it’s a kids comic!

        When you are watching shows made for a particular demographic you expect so much.

        I like reading kodomo and enjoy watching “star and the forces of evil”, I know they are not made for, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it.

        T_o age rating is a strange topic.

      5. T_T currently going though bad depression, could really do with a topic to focus my mind on.
        Teen are young.
        young adult
        To me this show is preteen.

        *Be mindful that you have my focus now (this can be a bless and a curse).*

        If you enjoy a show what dose it matter if the writing is not made for you?

      6. I’ve been incredibly absent from my blog the last few days.

        I agree, it IS mostly about just enjoying something or not. That’s the whole point, right? 😛

      7. Sat down and thought about it and found the answer.
        This isn’t a teen anime however, it’s not kids anime.
        This is transitional anime for kids getting into shonen.

        T-o I’m sorry but the writing in this episode is really childish (we can ague on that, but don’t think we will get anywhere).

        My interest on the topic is gone.

      8. I agree. We could sit and argue about it all day but we wouldn’t get anywhere and it’s a waste of time. Plus, I HATE arguing. It just makes me and everyone else feel upset!

        I apologise if I came across as argumentive. That wasn’t my intention at all!

        I definitely do agree however, that some of humour was pretty juvenile. Down the line though, the show tones it down a lot and gets more serious.

      9. It lead to a good confiscation with my friend. I’m studding writing at the moment so that I can write a book (reading a lot of books on English grammar).

        That would make a lot of sense for a show trying to get younger boys into older fiction.

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