Depressed back 27th

I forgot that when I’m not cleaning in the morning my depression starts to kick in. Maybe in the future I will have to plan a trip away for my remaining days off.

I’m so BORED!

The worst thing about being so down is that nothing that would usually bring you joy will make you happy.  I can’t believe it took me 3 days to realise why I was so down.

T_T I need to find a way to keep my brain busy or bad things enter my head (I need to get them back in there cage).


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  1. Is it not cleaning that gets your depression going, or does cleaning take your mind off it for a while?

    Anything you would like to talk about that might help?

    1. I’m thinking about stopping blogging and just draw/write for a bit.
      No matter how much I try and run from it the mental training my high school put me though still fills me with anger when I’m around other humans.
      T_T I slit my mind in two to cope with the blocked emotion of the time but, even he’s getting frustrated at how little I’m mentally challenging myself of late.

      People don’t understand what trying to fix someone can do to the mind?

      DB know how to talk to me so it’s not an extremely enclosed life.

    2. sorry, didn’t mean to spook you.
      I have had a mad educational life and it’s hard to tell people some of the mad things they did to my head (had a nervous breakdown at age 14). if it wasn’t for my school money laundering I would have probably been sectioned.

      1. Don’t worry about it, you didn’t spook me. I’ve had a super busy time with work lately and even had to pull overtime at the office this weekend. I’ve not had much time to catch up on correspondence.

        I can’t say I really understand everything you’re going through, but I won’t push you to try to explain. I just thought to lend a friendly ear, but if you have people you feel comfortable going to for help, it’s best left to them.

        Similarly, if you need to take a break from blogging to do other creative things, you should feel free to do so. I’m sure no one will be angry with you for doing that, and we’ll all be here to welcome you back when you return.

      2. ^_^ Your job sounds awesome.

        Think I will take a brake from it (I need to start pushing myself again).

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