Thinking about reinventing my blog

I’m still going to watching anime (let’s make that clear).

I’m going to clear my current watch list and start afresh from the beginning of these anime (it’s been way too long since I watched a load of the show on the list).

I will still be doing a first, middle and final impression…however, all 3 of these dairies will eventually lead to me writing a full review on the show.

One of the reason this blog was failing to engage me was because it no longer fulfilled its original purpose.

I made the blog in order to keep my sanity during the transition from college life too adult life.


Now that I’m finally moving house I will no longer have to worry about feeling claustrophobic or trapped under the thumb of my child life.

Writing fuller reviews will help me develop a better understanding of how to write long paragraphs without coming off too clinical or rambly.

When we move and get the internet running I will consider putting this plan into action.


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