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First impression Anime-Gataris


Not a lot to choose from this season.

This anime is about references…and that is it.

I have a question for you:  If a show lists off the names of other shows are they referencing them or just stating their existence?

Here is another question: When dose referencing turn into stealing?

In episode 2 the girls go outside and handout flyers while dressed like bunny girls (Haruhi Suzumiya reference). Here is the problem- they don’t do anything with it! In the original show they are referring the gag goes like this:

  1. Setup – Get Mikuru into a sexy bunny outfit to sell flyers
  2. Reinforcement – The girls get ready to give out the handouts when a teacher shows up.
  3. Payoff – they got in trouble for dressing inappropriately at the school gates.

Here is another example:

At the end of episode 2 the school council came crashing in saying their club won’t be excepted…even though they had not sent a form in yet??? I don’t think even power-hungry councils in anime can discuss and reject a club that doesn’t exist.

I was also left wondering if the show was sponsored by the studio behind ‘Re:Zero’, how many times can you name drop one show.

The show need to find a stable story structure, the novelty of referencing can only get you so far.


I’m Back!

Finally got the computer room sorted out!

What have I been up-to? T-T I’m studying how the English language functions, so that I can improve the way I type (it makes for some really dry reading).

Anime blogging is the simplest way for me to practice sentence constitution.

*I missed blogging.*

I have seen a couple of episodes from this new season, and i’m more then ready to start typing up what I thought of them (Some show are very…peculiar this season).  ^-o With my sweet DB by my-side I can watch anything.

There is something about watching anime with others that just makes it more fun.

E.g: Me and DB were watching ‘Dies irae’ when the ending song started to play; we both reacted accordingly.

Icy/DB: “This ain’t a song for the broken hearted!”

XD You don’t get moments like that when you are on your own.