XD Got my copy!

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time (don’t have anything to blog about).

If you live in the UK you will know just how hard it is to get hold of these!


I only got hold of my copy because our shop had numbered the books in the order of when we pre-ordered them (good thing I pre-order my book straight away).

*Our shop still needs a load of normal copies and one more limited edition (all pre-orders).*

This apparently a problem all across the UK and even on amazon.

This saturation make me really angry because this book is (on this day) number 15  ‘USA’ on the amazon bestselling books.

Is that where all our allocated stock went? I will be super angry if I go into a game shop and see this book on there shelves (There are way too many people still waiting for them).

Additional: Dose anyone else have gluey finger prints on the limited edition copies? 


3 responses

  1. Welcome back. I’m not a fan or pre-ordering stuff, but when it comes to limited stock items it cannot be helped. Hope you enjoy the books.

  2. kingdylbag13 | Reply

    Enjoy that book, tbh I only know anything about D&D because I watched Stranger Things and my friend used to play. I’m more into MTG

    1. O_O MTG, I’m so sorry (watching your “community” go nuts at the moment). My only experience with magic was one of its players shouting vagina at me until I left the shop with my book (the guy at the counter didn’t seem to care).

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