Monthly Archives: January, 2018

Happy new year… O_o I’m going stir crazy.

Hello out there in the world of word press! Its been a long time.

Firstly, I’m currently switching from cruchyroll to funimation.

The reason for this is because I just can’t be bothered to read sub (yes I’m lazy). The reason for that is:

I’m writing to train myself to be a better writer. 

THIS IS NOT FUN! I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed but, I have no concept of basic English language skills.  You may say “didn’t you once mention that you had a C in English language?” yes, but not for my written work.  I have the rare skill of being able to put on a presentation and not send everyone to sleep.

As my college English tutor said to me, “You have the gift of the gab.”  Strange seeing as human contact general courses me a load of physical pain (I’m now seeing a doctor about that…at least I’m on a waiting list for one).

I have been trying to keep up with my new years resolution of writing a short story once a day for one hour… which turns out to be harder then it originally looked.


T_T I only managed to write for 20 minutes today (the topic I randomly chose was not interesting).  It still counts technically (this is just as much a task of discipline as it is about my writing seed).

It’s odd to think that I’m at my most stir crazy when my brain is going at 100%. O_o How can my mind want to be around people when I don’t like being around people (maybe it just want to stretch its communication mussels).

Guess I would like to play Dungeons and dragons again… too bad I have no one to play it with anymore. I know all the rules and have read ALL the E5 books, maybe I should look in streaming a game.

If anyone wants an online dungeons and dragons game I’m willing to try and DM it. 

Been an odd year for me 2017.

Let’s try and find some stability it 2018!

 *I know for a fact my ability to spot error is improving.*