T-T Been ill.

I can’t catch a brake!

I’m not a winter person (when we ‘UK’ go for days without the sun, I start to get very ill).  It also didn’t help that there was a virus going around.

Think I will stick to one anime per week(for now). I still want to study the English language in my free time.

^_^ *I have learned how to say ‘auxiliary’*

DB has me remembering them like grammars reindeer:

pro noun

noun – verb

adjective – adverb

conjunction – interjection 

article – preposition  

O_O Do you know what is strange? I can only remember conjunction,interjection and syllable as: 

t junction =  conjunction


silly bulls = syllable

XD ‘Silly bulls’ is up there with ‘oh you lazy dinosaur’ for strange things I remember from school (would, could and should).




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