11eyes review

This is one of those anime that you always see on top of the alphabetical Crunchyroll list, however, you never stop to watch it because of ether:

  1. The art looks dull
  2. Plot doesn’t sound interesting
  3. The name is wired

I can tell you right now that I have no idea why the show is called ‘11eyes’. The show never gives a reason for the name, you are just forced to accept it!


So, what is this anime about? … … … T-o isn’t that the thousand-pound question? You know how shows usually have one main plot and little ones that are subordinate plots. How would you feel if I told you this anime is made up of only sub plots?

You might ask: How can you have lesser plots if there is no main plot?

You can’t, what you are left with are:

loads of tiny plots fighting for your attention;

loads of tiny plots that don’t really connect;

loads of tiny plots being forced together into a nonsensical story.


Plot 1: Kakeru and Yuka have a strained relationship when Misuzu enters into their lives.

Plot 2: Yukiko and Takahisa are two cursed children who can’t admit their feelings for each other.

Plot3: A different world is trying to kill the kids.

They try to connect the subs to plot 3, but unfortunately it doesn’t work, because plot 3 isn’t properly explained till way later into the show (You can’t call a premise a plot).

The ending twist (not going to spoil) feels more like they created a 4 plot which just made the small morsel of story they had left completely fly out the window.


I think the most pointless plot point in this anime is that different realities exist …why? You could have just had all the kids exist in the one world from the start? I know what fans will say “But they needed to hide all the powers they held” fine, but does it really add anything to the story? If I took it away would anything truly change (We would lose two completely pointless characters)?

I think the only reason they kept it in was to grab your intrigue with that murder scene at the start…which made no sense. How Could you remember your own death?

He clearly remembers his sister dyeing in the memory where he dies.

To make things even more complicated the memory of her death is not even him form that reality (Why the hell is this so convoluted).


Let’s make this clear: This anime has 2 endings.

*The bad ending and the good ending.*

One more thing to make clear: neither of them make sense.


Was this anime bad? I would say ‘Meh’.

The anime kept my attention throughout all the episodes; at no point was I not interested in where the sub plot might be going.  The problem that I see with this show is that it lacks an identity. I believe this comes from the fact the show doesn’t know what it wants to be.

It’s one of those shows that watch and then quickly forget about.



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  1. KingDylbag13 | Reply

    Welcome back, it’s been ages since you last posted

  2. I thought it was called 11 Eyes because there are six main characters, but Kakeru only has one eye (well, technically. Eyepatch over a magical eye). So if you counted all of their eyes, it’d be 11….That may be silly, but that was the best I could do when I watched it.

    I didn’t like 11Eyes at all mostly because of Yuka, but also because of the ridiculous and cheap story which, honestly, had potential in there. Don’t even talk to me about that fakeout ending. I flipped off the screen at that. lol.

    1. O_O But under that logic we could call many shows by the number of eyes the characters have (it’s too lazy to acknowledge).

      XD I was sort of hoping Yuka would go ‘school days’ on them all (which she kind of did).

      1. I just did some more quick digging and that is seemingly the explanation most people are going with. Apparently, the original creator of the VN this show is based on has another VN under the title of 3Days, which reflects the fact that the character lives the same three days over and over. So, the best people can figure, it’s using that same line of logic, though in a very weird and ridiculous way. (It doesn’t even work on that level because Kakeru has both of his eyes, one is just always covered.)

        We’re not alone in thinking it’s a silly explanation though. This is a comment from the only Reddit thread I could find on it.

        “I understand the title Three Days, because the fact three actual days play a very specific and direct role. 11 Eyes?! But I feel like 11 Eyes actually being their eyes is a bit of a stretch, and a terrible idea for a title! I’m unsatisfied with this answer, but I don’t deny it’s correct. Haha.”

        Spoilers to passing readers: I was so disappointed that Yuka (technically) survived. That’s one of the reasons the fakeout ending made me so angry. lol

      2. ^-o both ending seemed dumb to me.

        I think that’s the best answer we are going to get.

      3. Both endings are dumb, but the fakeout of Yuka was just a slap in the face. I just wanted to collapse to my knees dramatically and yell to heavens ‘Whyyyyyyyyyyyy!? She was finally gonnnnnneee!” The fact that the ‘true’ ending basically says there are, what was it, seven other Yukas in the universe exactly like her might qualify the second as being much worse though, lol.

  3. Oh gawd…not THIS anime. It had the WORST cop-out ending ever. And gawd did Yuka did my head in with her obsessive behaviour towards Kakeru. I really can’t recall too much of the plot – as you said it had no plot to begin with.

    1. The problem with Yuka is that she has no character.
      XD I wish that the plot twist was that she was the vessel for the bad-guy (it would make so much sense).

  4. This anime is good yaar.

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