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Trying to write second draft… Then this came out of nowhere.

I’m going to be the very best, by beating little kids.

I’m going to rob your granny next and scrump her berries.

I will travel across the world, taking your money.

Each Pokémon shall be my slave, it is my destiny.


XD I’m not going to give you the context.

*I’m struggling to stop my mind going on tangents.*

Do you know what Pokemon 2019 needs?

The composers form the mystery dungeon games.

I can’t remember one track from diamond and pearl, yet I can remember almost every track from ‘Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky’.

I recommend just pulling up a playlist and listening to any of the tracks from this game.

I don’t really understand why this side series of games has such better music then core series.

*My favourite song*

*I wish gamefreak would hire some good writers! Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity’ felt like it was written/programmed for 6 year olds (thank goodness they made super after that mess).*


XD I forgot this existed (I own it, and still managed to forgot about it)

41NT+HgT42L._SY355_.jpg With all this talk about pokaball plus my mind wondered to the the pokewalker,  which wondered to the digivice, which finally landed me at this thing.

*I love my D3 digivce WAY more then this thing.*

Did anyone ells own this thing?

Pokemon Advanced LCD Cyber Pokeball

Working on a ‘Pokemon Let’s go’ essay

I wanted to get down all my thoughts on the game.

XD My word count is currently at 1500 (I’m not even near done yet).

Dose anyone have any suggestions towards topics (around this game) I should look at?

*This has to be the biggest post I have ever done for this blog. *

I’m finding that when I answer one question another turns up.



Something isn’t right here!

Sad TT_TT I really wanted that game (spyro)

It has come into light that the game will require you to download game 2/3.

Why is this a problem? The PS4 doesn’t have enough space!

T-T If I want to make space after playing the game I will loose the 2 games and have to pay for a new disk.

If the game is big I’m going to want it on a disk!

^_o I get what they are doing: “downloading the games insures us money.”

That’s all well and good until download sizes reach ridicules levels.

Behold the age of 4k gaming, where your commercial gaming consoles has the holding capacity of a Nintendo switch.

T-o I don’t understand why they didn’t just release them as download only?  Surely with there method were just going to loose spyro 2-3 to time (we will run out of codes eventually).