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T-o That just looks sad (let’s go)




I didn’t like it in sun/moon, and don’t like it now.

I guess we just can’t expect the Switch to compare with the power of the Game boy advanced.

People wonder why this game riles me so much.

T_T I need to make more progress.


This project is moving slowly, I need to keep up my motivation in order to complete it.  O_o It’s hard to come up with ways to describe curtain topics at times.

I have had to go on long walks some days in-order to ponder over  how to write it down.

^-o To make my life much easier I added a contents page.

Guess I could update (anyone who is interested) this blog on my progress every 2 weeks (might make me work faster).


Name of document: The problem with Pokemon games. 

let it be known that I have a problem with ‘lets go’ and I have no problem writing a book about it.

pages: 10

words: 3888


Do you want to play a bad Pokemon go?

Just boot up you 3ds and download pokedex pro.

Do you know what a QR code is? when was the last time you saw one?

The idea was to go around scanning codes to collect Pokemon into you dex. By doing this you got a  augmented reality image of that Pokemon.

Here’s the problem, you already have all the Pokemon registered (it’s a pokedex) meaning there is no reason to look, along side the game showing you all the Pokemon QR code next to there entries (its taunting me).

Guess the other game you could play is dream radar, but that only works with black/white.

T-o What have I done?!

I want to write the first chapter of my book.

I agreed to write and manage an online comic.

Write a mini book (it’s starting to look like that) on the problems with the Pokemon games (Both fan’s are angering me).  *Y-Y Will both sides leave Colosseum/XD alone, they are good games. purity moaner: This game is mainline, you need to except this! let’s moaners: At least this game has an identity on its own, your game is just a mutated Frankenstein’s monster.*  

There is a book I want to read coming in the mail.

Think I might put the book on hold until Pokemon draft 2 is done.

When I said, “I’m going to write for you” I didn’t realise this also meant I would take on all the ‘managerial roles’.   My friend Is a good illustrator, she just has a habit of biting more then she can chew.  .


XD I found a new topic (Pokemon)

Every time I think the first draft is done something comes up!

XD Someone In a you-tube video brought up the fact that Pokemon have been distributed though many different means. They only brought up Pokemon ranger, guess they couldn’t be bothered to any  further research then that.

How many of you out there remember the high point of Pokemon hacking.


At the time you could go into your game-shop and buy this; they would displayed it right next to the ‘Pokemon diamond and pearl’ (they knew what people used these for).

The reason the great hacking happened was because there was content in the game that many players couldn’t legally get to.  Unlike later games where event Pokemon can be downloaded over the internet, you had to too know a location that had an event ds card that could send out a signal for you to download an event.

O-O They were dark times.

How far have I got so far?

I just wanted to give you guys an idea of how big the project I’m doing is.


This is the first draft

Capture 1.1.PNG

This is the second draft.

The writing in red in the first draft are topics that I have in expanded on in the second, the red in the second draft are notes left by DB (My sweetheart/editor).

XD This is going to be huge when it’s done.

*I don’t think it will be done in time for the release of let’s go.*

I have a question about the poké ball plus.

Are they going to be redoing all of the monster voices or are they using beeps?

I only ask this because Pikachu is the only Pokémon in game that uses its anime voice.

This ball will be useless if they are using the game cries (all the Pokémon from Kanto and Johto sound the same).

It’s not until you get to Hoenn do the cries start sounding unique.