T-o What have I done?!

I want to write the first chapter of my book.

I agreed to write and manage an online comic.

Write a mini book (it’s starting to look like that) on the problems with the Pokemon games (Both fan’s are angering me).  *Y-Y Will both sides leave Colosseum/XD alone, they are good games. purity moaner: This game is mainline, you need to except this! let’s moaners: At least this game has an identity on its own, your game is just a mutated Frankenstein’s monster.*  

There is a book I want to read coming in the mail.

Think I might put the book on hold until Pokemon draft 2 is done.

When I said, “I’m going to write for you” I didn’t realise this also meant I would take on all the ‘managerial roles’.   My friend Is a good illustrator, she just has a habit of biting more then she can chew.  .



3 responses

  1. This sounds like it kind of sucks Icy xDD.

    1. My illustrator hasn’t got back to me with redesigns yet, I’m a little worried (might email her).
      TT-TT I might have not started writing one of my many stories yet, but at least i have managed to stop drinking pepsi everyday (got to count the little victories). XD To bad I forgot The reason why I drank the stuff was because of hypoglycemia/low blood sugar (drinking a lot of fruit juice now).
      *The caffeine wasn’t good for my blood pressure.*
      o-o I don’t have diabetes, my body just drains though energy fast (I was advised to ignore it, its not convenient to fellow man).

      ^-^ Got to meet someone with my mental issues this week (i feel human), Which is one of the reason I have gotten more of a drive.

      It was My birthday on Monday and the gift DB got me won’t come till Wednesday (I need to make more headway on the Pokemon write up before that book comes).

      How do you feel about stories that start where they end and end where they start?

    2. XD Best song I found while studying.

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