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Merc StoriA: Apathetic Boy, Girl in a Bottle first impression


Did his dad trap the fairy in the jar, or is she the jar?

This an anime about a young monster soul healer and his fairy in a jar.

The show is simplistically pretty and is has consistent animation.

Now to the wired stuff, Why are the structures of these stories so muddled? I don’t mean this in the sense of, “The story is hard to follow” I mean it in the sense of “There ignoring the basics of how to construct a story.”


In the first episode it’s established that the hero lives in  a world  filled with human and monsters. Healers tame the monsters hearts allowing everyone to live in peace.

Can someone explain why he has a fear of monsters????  He doesn’t seem to be scared of evil monsters, just the nice ones….why?

Why is the dad telling his son what a healer is while he sleeps? How can these town exist peacefully with monsters if they don’t have a resident healers?

Why are the animal people and fairies (human sized) when the first episode established that it was a world of monsters and humans?

*The human fairies are stranger then you think. They shrink the main cast down but, they keep the water fairy small….then what is the point. Why didn’t you just make the normal human sized fairies just living around big tress. If they go though the portal there just normal sized humans (this is what happens when you add unexplained magical portal door in your story).*


You can’t just ignore your set up, by doing this the viewers has no idea what is strange and what is normal.

Did I mention that the stories in this show are infantile.

“I have a problem”

“let me help you”


Things just sort of happen, don’t question it.


  • princess doesn’t what to get married.
  • runs away.
  • goes home.

There tried to throw in some commentary about sexism, but the story never established that she was forcible feminine around the guys, she just came off as a normal 5-7 year old. Which is a little creepy when you think about it (there forcing a child to be married).


Episode 3:

  • Dagger removed
  • Beast unleashed

This is a two-parter episode…..WHY! There isn’t enough content here for one episode. Let me describe this episode for you: two people fight over who is better and a small princess whines.

It’s harmless in the sense it does nothing, but boring in the sense that it does nothing.

Can someone explain this?


I was under the impression that this game had no items?????

Why would you advertise ‘no items in these fights’ when there are none in the game?

^-o Pokemon shouldn’t fight, not like this.

I think it’s a cool idea…But my head is telling me that it will be very tedious in application (it would just come down to who has the stronger moves).

XD Gen 1 Metapod:

Metapod use harden

Metapod got really sticky

Metapod, the phallic pokemon.

Smash bros maths (I’ll do my best)

I was watching game theory when I started to question the maths.  How many matches can be generated in the original smash bros?


possible matches generated:  22608

possible matches : 12098 

possible matches to see:  6086


He did the math for a 4 player match, but he never did 2 or 3.

How many of those fights are the same but just in different slot?

Would a player look at theses arrangements as different fights:

Yoshi – Kirby – Mario – link

Yoshi – mario – kirby – link

Yoshi – link – mario – kirby

Yoshi – link – kirby – mario

*T-T Just realised I might have made a miss calculation, at least I had a go (I have basic math skills dang it). *




2 fighters

144 possible matches generated

12 chances to fight the same character

144-12 =  132

132/2 = 66 + 12 = 78


There are 78 possible matches to take part in.


3 fighters


1728 possible matches generated

Unlike 2v2 this section has an extra variable need  to be  taken into account:

Kirby v Yoshi v link

Kirby v link v Yoshi

To the one person playing that is the same fight.

12 chances to have 3 on the same fighting.


what are the odds of being in a 1 v 2 same fight or 2 v 1?

132 for 1v2 and then the same for 2v 1, making the number 264.


1728 – 12 = 1716 – 264 = 1452/ 3 = 484 + 264 + 12 = 760 + 484 =  1244


1728 possible orders

1244 possible matches

628 possible matches to see.


4 fighters


I hate this one, for now you have a 1/4 chance of getting the same fight but in a different selection order.

20736 possible matches generated


2 v 2 same character  fights nicely fall under 1v 1 rules,

132  possible matches generated

66 possible matches

4 of the same character match can only happen 12 times.


How about 1 v 3.






It applies the same all the 3 fighters rules:

132 possible matches generated

In this case I cant half it due the equation not being the same when flipped.

We double that in case player one wants to play Yoshi v Kirby v Yoshi v Yoshi (272).

extra: (1v1 v2 – Kirby v Yoshi v mario v mario) I have been racking my brain on how to figure this one out!

  1. Kirby – YoshiMario – Mario
  2. Yoshi – KirbyMario – Mario
  3. Mario – MarioYoshi-Kirby
  4. Mario – MarioKirby – Yoshi

4 match’s, 3 different first players, 2 have the same location.

132 possible matches generated

possible fights 78

12 charters, 12 outcomes.

12 charters, 12 outcomes.

132 possible matches generated

possible fights 78

264 + 12 = 420 possible matches generated

possible fights 90


20736 – 12 =  20724 -132 = 20592 – 272 = 20320/ 4 = 5080 x 2 = 10160 + 416 = 10576

20736 – 836 = 19900/4 = 4937 x 2 = 9874 + 836 = 10710





300 + 5080


20736 possible matches generated

10710 possible matches

5380 possible matches to see.



In total the game allows you to do:


possible matches generated:  22608

possible matches : 12098 

possible matches to see:  6086

DOUBLE DECKER! first impression

Capture 2.PNG

This is a cool image….but why is he sitting on the road?

So what is this anime about? I have no clue. It could be about a magical mutation that can only be solved using magical bullets???

The best way I can describe this anime is tonally outdated, it feels like it wants to be an 90’s anime with the sensibilities of  modern times.

In sort: It’s confused.

The character designs rage from ‘lets start a reverse harem’ too ‘let’s pilot a mecha’.  It wasn’t until I started reading other peoples review did I even realise this was related to ‘Tiger and Bunny’.

I have one big question for this show: Did you base this shows setting on the Uk? If so, why would you name you show after a chocolate bar??? when you put the shows name into google it’s the first thing to come up.

I think this might have just been really bad first episode.


As you can see Aquafresh is all 3, Aquafresh is for your family!


T-o My internet hates me.

^_^ I’m in the mood to watch anime!

computer: “you will do no such thing.”

T_T Been spending my day trying to figure-out why my wireless router wasn’t working.  Why is it that every time I’m in a anime mood my internet has to die.

Got the ps4 working again now.

*I can see you internet, why won’t you just connect?* 

O_O Oddly my computer was the only thing that manged to connect during the morning.

Give me bananas! (Super Mario party)

Can someone please tell me why I need two copies of the game to play this one game?????

O_O Isn’t it enough that there are two switch’s in the house!

Y_Y NINTENDO, just put out a free download code for that one game (only need one copy).  They can’t play it unless they have the game anyway.

Am I just meant to find people who have the game and say, “Can I just borrow your switch to match up some bananas.”


Update: T-T my annoying mission.

Since my week has gone really bad I have started on my mission early.

mission: review all 720 Pokemon.

I have always been a little bit curious about which Region has the best designed Pokemon.


Good: designs you can remember and identify fast.

kind of: There not bad, but there not good.

Bad: What were they smoking!

*The document goes into deeper detail*

I want to finally figure out which region has the worst Pokemon (It’s an argument that no one has ever sat down and tried to solve).

As I promised (my progress)

The problem with Pokemon games (my problems with ‘let’s go’).

XD I have a lot of frustrations with this game series.


^-o That dead line actually motivated me to reach my goal (I wanted to double my word count). one can easily loose focus when trying to compile all there thoughts into one document.

Pages: 21

words: 8014

^-^ Think I’m getting close to doing the final draft!

Hope someone will want to read it when i’m done.

Additional: Going to be taking a weeks brake from this project (the next sections that I will be tackling is going to be a pain).