Update: T-T my annoying mission.

Since my week has gone really bad I have started on my mission early.

mission: review all 720 Pokemon.

I have always been a little bit curious about which Region has the best designed Pokemon.


Good: designs you can remember and identify fast.

kind of: There not bad, but there not good.

Bad: What were they smoking!

*The document goes into deeper detail*

I want to finally figure out which region has the worst Pokemon (It’s an argument that no one has ever sat down and tried to solve).


2 responses

  1. GL with the project icy xDD. You’re probably the only one that can do it xDD.

    1. It’s a project I do love working on.

      I just need to find people that want to read my final product.
      ^-^ oh, I have also started watching anime again (got to finally watch ‘cells at work’).

      p.s. Bad situation resolved (O_O almost lost £45). Always make sure you have the correct shipping address.

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