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Update: 31/12/2018

XD Think I need to give a little explanation to why I have been so quiet (more then  usual).

I don’t know if anyone would have noticed but, I have been really depressed for about 2 months now. O_o Its not without reason.

My friend got her first job and almost lost it to anxiety attacks.

My boyfriend lost his job.

The company I work for didn’t pay me (for an insane reason). *Got the money now.*

I got an anal fissure (tear in the lining of the anal canal). which is a big deal for me because I was born with hirschsprung. *It seem all good now.* Y-o All that means is that I have a shorter large intestine then most people (it was stretch and reconnected ).

*I have a funny looking scar on my belly.*

I tried to keep it from my family, but it spread around like wildfire as soon as my sister spotted my low mood.

T_T I should have been more direct with them (I just didn’t want anyone to worry).

Things have gotten a lot better now.

*luckily for me I have a savings account that will covers are bills until DB gets a new job.*

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Undertale: Were we playing the same game???

I was talking to my friend when Undertale came up in a conversation.

“Your frisk”

“No you’re not”


T-o Frisk is just the name of the body your using (the game STATES this).

Surly you would have questions why frisk doesn’t have a soul of his own???


“Who is Chara then?”

Probably an experiment gone wrong, The monsters understanding of the human soul was technically misinformed.

“Human souls don’t get destroyed because they have ‘determination’”

The end fight proves this wrong.









‘Determination’ alone can’t beat the flower… when your human.

When you’re a monster ‘Determination’ wraps you and can even kill you.


Who is Chara? My answer: She is you, the true monster you are.

It’s a boring answer,  but the clearest answer.


I love theorising about games, but I shouldn’t have to  theorise WHAT YOUR GAMES PLOT/STORY IS! This is just bad story telling, it needs to stop.

It’s like watching a murder mystery where the detective goes:

“He was the killer.”

“How did he do it?”

“I’m not telling you that, figure it out for yourself.”

This game wants you to play it one way, the correct way (the other routes are a waste of time).

Did generation 5 really have the worst designed Pokemon?

T-o Its not that good, but its not that big of a drop off from generation 4.


There are a lot more ‘questionable’ designs, but no real change to frequency of forgettable/bad designs.

I think the biggest problem with generation 5 is that it a lot of its designs straight up copy Pokemon from other generations ( I managed to almost fill a second document of Pokemon this generation copied).

To this day I still sometimes think Larvitar and Axew are the same Pokemon.

That’s not to say the new designs are not better then there originals, it just makes you wonder who on the design team thought this was a good idea to try and contend with them in the first place.

Why would you make an imitation of your own game????

*^-^ luckily for me gen 6 only has 72 Pokemon (I can get that done in no time).* 


XD Got to see ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds’ live!

I payed for this in January.

^_^ Last night I finally got to see the 40th anniversary of  ‘Musical Version of The War of the Worlds’  conducted by JEFF WAYNE’S!

I really needed that pick me up at the moment.

O_O You really do feel the pounding of the music in your stomach live.

T-T Bills!

Isn’t being an adult fun.

You get to worry about bills and where money is coming from.

Isn’t it fun when the company falsifies your hours because they messed up there budget for the month (don’t want to pay you).

isn’t fun when someone loses a job.

Isn’t it fun when you get a fissure.

Y-Y Isn’t it fun when the treatment forces you to stick your finger up your butt morning and night for 6 weeks!

I’m sad, and that’s OK.