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Downloaded Onigiri on switch

XD First day on switch and we crash the server.

What were they expecting?

“Here is a free mmorpg on switch”

“No one is going to want to play it, just look at it.”

*two minutes later*

“we can’t handle all these players!”

^-o I’m not a graphics/frame rate snob, offer it for the correct price and I will play it (long as it functions i’m happy).

Think I will sit back and play this today (DB left my switch on). *I’m a gaming addict.*

*It’s an ok game, just as long as you don’t do the story missions (stick the the fields) *

T-o I’m a little fed-up today, it’s way too cold for my liking.

The temperature is -2, but feels like -6.

You might say, “that’s not cold.”

You didn’t have to stand outside, for 30 minutes, at 6am in the morning. T-o The person who opened the building was late (can’t be mad at them).

T-o Plus I’m kind of having a bit of a mental conflict this morning.



Things are unnaturally happy.

Called it! Straight from the start I figured out that this was horror anime, they are not that hard to spot. To be fair to the show it does give you a lot clues to figure out what is truly happening to them throughout the episode.

Even the name gives it away, NEVERLAND.

In the original ‘peterpan’ story it is said he would thin out the lost boys when they got too old (implying that he killed them). If you know your literature, you can do the math.

I’m a little confused to who they choose and why? From an emotional point of view it it makes sense to choose the cutest child,  from a story point of view there isn’t that much meat on her (or any of them for that matter).

*Dark humour*  At least there free range humans, they lived a happy life.

This episode dragged a lot, it almost felt like it didn’t know what to with all the extra time it had.  I’m hoping that this problem doesn’t leak into later episodes.

Reading tomorrow

No anime post Tuesday.

I’m going to be sitting down and trying to read a book (got an old kindle from my mum that I really want to brake in).

^_^ I’m actually a little happy with myself for identifying a problem in a book by name,

“They forgot…pre…pre..po…come on head you know the word, preposition!!!!”

My writing will never improve if I can’t identify a grammatical mistake by name.

o_o To be fare, the author also didn’t seems to know why we establish a ‘tense’ when people are talking.

Are they yelling at her from a distance or is this in her head? we may never know.

ENDRO! first impression


I have wings and choose not to use them.

I’m in a low mood, come on Moe, cheer me up….IF I CAN FIND THE PS4 CONTROLLER! Do you know where I found the controller, charging under the chair (DB can really puzzle me some days, but I still love him).

This generic RPG anime with some cute girls toughen in, bye….you want more, fine. The demon lord want to kill the hero so that she/he won’t be sent back in time. I would like to bring up point here:

If the hero defeats the demon with a spell that goes back, doesn’t that mean the same thing would just happen again??? This entire show just feels like an ouroboros waiting to happen.

….plus why has no one spotted that she is a demon.

She/he is cute, but she/he is clearly a demon.

Y-o How did he male overlord form the start turn into a little girl?????????

Might get DB to watch this with me, maybe we can find the fun.


Boogiepop and Others first impression


Something is wrong with the quality of the crunchy video player. 

This anime is about…..i don’t know, but I think the show thinks I should know.

There is a girl who comes when there is danger and a guy who….talk to her a little bit, guess there ‘friends’ now.  You could have easily compressed this entire episode down into 10 minutes (nothing really happens).

“Why don’t you help someone cry in the street.”

They could have a knife, mental health disorder, if they get injured your liable or my favourite, When you have too many people in one space each person will panic too who should make the first move (you can’t blame the human, they go strange when there part of a collective).

Well seeing as there isn’t much to say about this anime, lets have a little fun.

Student meeting

Speaker: we need to do something about the students running away from home?

Student: Is that really are jurisdiction sir?

Speaker: We need idea people!

Student: Guess we could put up some posters?


Speaker: next, smartphone being used for social media in class?

Student: Why does it matter if there using social media, they should be on there phone at all in class. If the teachers have the time to see what site there using they should have the time to confiscate the phone.

Speaker: no one likes a smart ass.


Personal I think this school need to teach it student some manner, who using the phone in a library! How do you solve the phone problem:

  1. Put you bag in a cubby/at the back of the room during each class.
  2. Uniforms with no pockets.


I’m sorry, but Boogiepop sounds like an 80’s dance craze (I can’t take it seriously).

“Dating is prohibited on school grounds” . . . How do you police that? What counts as a quote on quote date, what things are they getting this poor council to discuss?


The reason I keep bring this up isn’t because nit-picking, it’s because the students/the entire school doesn’t free natural. Your spending the entire first episode showing how this guy lives a normal life while having students causally discuss who in there class would kill someone.  If this bookworm was truly smart she would know anyone could kill at any moment. Surly all that she would achieve by doing this would be targeted bullying (she is a cold hearted ass).

Don’t you think more killers would be caught if it was as, “There the killer.”

It was be far the most ridicules part of the show.


Luckily for me a lot of this show has already aired (binge watch time).

The Price of Smiles first impression

Capture 1.PNG

I don’t know how shadows work?!

This anime is about…. “robots”????? There is a 12 year old princess who I think has power….I think. She has a friend who I thought was her bodyguard/knight, but turned out to be just a random pilot she was friends with.
Anyone who has followed me for a long time knows that I don’t have the greatest relationship with mecha anime. This hasn’t really changed over the year, in fact it got a little worse in the last 2 years.

*This feels like relevant story* I went to comic con where they were showing a free Gundam movie. I stayed for the full thing, and by the end everyone was taking the mick out of the film (The poor host walked onto the stage to silence). *He was trying to get us to clap* There is one moment in the movie that reminds me of are main lead:
It’s an amazing moment due to there being no prompt for this moment, along with the fact that she broke into this guy’s house. I just remember everyone reactions in the theatre, “what’s wrong with this crazy woman!”

The girl in this anime kind of reminds me of her, a girl who lives in a protected paradise unaware of the struggles beyond the border. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point princess smiles has the same random realisation (I will laugh if it does happen).


I do feel a little cheated by this show, for how many anime can you name where a stadium filled with glow-sticks didn’t equal a song.

I do have some questions:

  1. How long have her parents been dead?
  2. How long has she had power?
  3. Why is it only now that the people want to over power the monarchy?

I don’t understand why the show didn’t just say, “The older you get, the less power we have.”  done!  plus wound’t it be a good thing to keep her anyway,  her smile will keep the public distracted while you go out and conquer (She is just a child, she has no idea how to politics).


This anime kind of bored me, but I kind of want to see where it’s planning to go (the show hasn’t really established a direction).

Oh, I almost forgot!


This is one HUGE glass.

MYSTERIA Friends first impression


Who are you people?!

It’s been a long time since I have done one of these, better start with a short one. *10 minutes latter * “What the heck did I just watch?!” Think I just watched fanfiction the anime.

This anime is about a mary sue who exist in a ‘School’ haphazardly scattered with ‘mystical creatures’.

… I have one way to describe this anime: It’s this kind of show that you would see another anime character watching in the background.

It lacks any form of story structure, which in a way makes it a very unique watch.


What would I like/dislike in a new Pokémon game?


  • Berry cooking
  • Custom Pokèballs
  • Totem Pokémon
  • z crystals
  • secret base
  • roller blades
  • Pokémon following you
  • Refresh
  • Crafting my own Pokèballs
  • Night and Day transition
  • Fun on the side mini games
  • Berry farming
  • Photography
  • Different types of battles (triple, double, rotation….)
  • Sectioning the pokedex
  • Mini tasks to keep your pc Pokémon busy
  • pokedex pro



  •  Gimmicky regions
  • Too many 1 on 1 fights
  • Gyms
  • Mega evolution
  • No type chart in game
  • Telling me what move to use
  • Making me overpowered (super training) *I had too much fun playing those mini games.*
  • Having 2 visions of a game and giving them both the same limited amount of Pokémon bar 3 (You have 720, you could have split them into 2 games)
  • Getting the same story with no alteration between the two edition.
  • Pointless legendries
  • Not organising my inventory bag
  • No repercussions for overly/under using a Pokémon (There the ones who keep bring up the ‘Friendship bond’ between you and your starter). *Don’t the others matter?*
  • Being able to status heal without items wherever I want (If you want to keep the items in game you will need to put more restrictions on this mode).
  • Not being able to look up Pokémon data during a fight (This is a basic rpg mechanic).


What I would like to see added.

  • Joy-con z move dancing
  • Distinctive egg designs
  • Only tell me moves are effective after I have at least tried to use that move against them once before.
  • STORY!
  • Mini mission
  • Slowly adding to a type chart as I encounter them
  • Quiz me! Are you honestly worried about people getting overwhelmed, then ask them If they remember what they have seen so far (pokedex pro style).
  • Condition battles (it’s odd to see Pokémon who can’t swim standing on water).
  • No capturing of legends
  • Customise the age of my character
  • Pokémon sizes need to match the pokedex entries
  • Update Pokémon cry sounds (mostly just the first 2 generation)


To me these aren’t really that big of an ask. 


^-^ good news!

DB got a new job! finally.

I will be able to have time too myself again.

I do love him, but sometimes you do want sometime to yourself.

T-o that and the lack of money has forced me to put all of my hobbies on hold.

Which Pokemon regions has the Best/Worst designs

I’ve done it! I went though every Pokemon and created 7 charts.

I have lot of people bring up this topic, but they don’t really go that deep into why that’s the best/worst.

*What are ‘kind of’ designs? These are debatable Pokemon (they are not bad, but there not good).*



From this chart we can see that the fall in design quality actually started in started in Sinnoh.




My final findings were:

capture 3

Unova, Kalos, Alola: They didn’t fail because they were bad, they failed because they played it too safe.

Johto surprising almost fell into this category; if it wasn’t for the table scraps of Kanto this entire region could of been a disaster.


What are your thoughts on this Data?