Which Pokemon regions has the Best/Worst designs

I’ve done it! I went though every Pokemon and created 7 charts.

I have lot of people bring up this topic, but they don’t really go that deep into why that’s the best/worst.

*What are ‘kind of’ designs? These are debatable Pokemon (they are not bad, but there not good).*



From this chart we can see that the fall in design quality actually started in started in Sinnoh.




My final findings were:

capture 3

Unova, Kalos, Alola: They didn’t fail because they were bad, they failed because they played it too safe.

Johto surprising almost fell into this category; if it wasn’t for the table scraps of Kanto this entire region could of been a disaster.


What are your thoughts on this Data?

4 responses

  1. TheSpawnGeek | Reply

    Pretty fascinating! Kanto and Johto are my favorite Pokemon regions ’cause I grew up with the Red/Blue and Gold/Silver GB games. Might be the nostalgia talking, lol.

    I’m surprised to see Hoenn being high up on the list, but it makes sense. It changed more, feature-wise, than the previous gens.

    1. It’s only based on design.
      I do think Hoenn did have the biggest lasting impact on the games (dual elements).
      T-T It also created the biggest problems with modern games, corresponding legendarily.

      Hoenn gives you a different team to follow depending on which version you choose, others do it because hoenn did it.

      I would’t call Lugia and Ho-oh a yin/yang Pokemon.

  2. Very fascinating icy!. I would say johto and the much maligned sinnoh xDD.

    1. ^-o It’s purely based on designs.

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