Things are unnaturally happy.

Called it! Straight from the start I figured out that this was horror anime, they are not that hard to spot. To be fair to the show it does give you a lot clues to figure out what is truly happening to them throughout the episode.

Even the name gives it away, NEVERLAND.

In the original ‘peterpan’ story it is said he would thin out the lost boys when they got too old (implying that he killed them). If you know your literature, you can do the math.

I’m a little confused to who they choose and why? From an emotional point of view it it makes sense to choose the cutest child,  from a story point of view there isn’t that much meat on her (or any of them for that matter).

*Dark humour*  At least there free range humans, they lived a happy life.

This episode dragged a lot, it almost felt like it didn’t know what to with all the extra time it had.  I’m hoping that this problem doesn’t leak into later episodes.

2 responses

  1. dark humour indeed icy xDD. I think it wanted to give some exposition to the main characters. Haven’t seen the later epi like yourself.

    1. Just the first.
      I get that was the point, doesn’t really excuse the poor execution .
      T-o I think the reason this failed to shock me was because at no point was I convinced anything was OK.
      ‘school live’ manged to pull it off, even ‘Yuki Yuna is a Hero’ managed to catch me off guard.
      ^-o I think it would have been better if you did this:
      Show her in silhouette walking in. the monster grabs her alive and bights her head off, as the two other kids watch in horror. Show the loss of there innocence by having the bunny fall from her hand and slowly hit the floor, covered in her blood.

      There are so many ways that could have had more impact.
      They could have killed them like cattle.
      So many missed opportunities.

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