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Deltarune switch, softlock!

XD It has been a long time since I have seen this happen.


What you are meant to do is walk though this door and load the next section….that not what happened to me.  For some reason my characters continued walking upwards until they went though the edge of the screen.

O_O I was just stuck staring at this cave, unable to do anything.

There is no hope.

Additional: just got an update for the game; I can now go though the door.

Pokemon set in the uk

Is that Manchester? you great industrial city.

XD I can’t make sense of this map, is that pool of water meant to the lake district? I presume the hills around it are the pennine way?

O_O Wait, I think I see the  houses of parliament in Scotland…yeh I can see the eye.

If that is ‘Standedge Tunnel’ then that city has to be Manchester.

Hadrian’s wall is looking awfully tall.





p.s look up celtic hill chalk drawings.

ENDRO! midway impression


It got its footing eventually. 

I’m not going lie, I didn’t want to watch anymore after that first saccharin episode. I don’t like shows that pretend to have a plot in order to create fake tension at the end (it’s very common in moe shows).

The first 2 episode felt unfocused and forgettable (I can’ even remember what happened in them episodes).

By episode 3 I was laughing, Which I would have thought impossible with how the first 2 went. It found the balance between trying to be cute while still playing with the idea of being a hero.  I should’t be surprised by the idea of these adventures going on a quest, but after saving 5 cats I was a little interested to see where they were going with this.

“We have gotten really good at saving cats.”

For a show that really doesn’t have to have have structure or development, it’s doing averagely ok for it’s genre type.

It’s literally sugar for the brain (love it as junk food).

Small rant Gamer’s and the QA tester excuse.

I’m sick and tried of hearing people saying, “If they had QA testers that wouldn’t be a problem” for things in the foreground.

This angers me because it insinuates that the game is only tested when they ship it! They know about that flying cow in the first level, they can see it, it’s right there in front of them.


As a QA tester your job is to find things that a normal gamer won’t normally think to do.

If you just needed someone to play the game you could just set up a program to do it these days, only humans do things that are unexpected (if you have ever run a D&D game you are more than aware of this).

Plus how are you meant to program something to do an action that you are not aware of.


Sometimes developers are just in a rush to put a game out, they know about the problems and they don’t care. No amount of QA testers is going fix the problem of time constraints.

When it comes to loot box economies, GET A MATHMETICTION! You need someone who can create a balanced formula for distribution, not someone who can just point out that there is a problem.


Personally  I think the quality assurance LAWS need to be sticker with video-games.

Capture 6

Someone needs to put there foot down, for the amount of so new games being released unfinished/glitched/unplayable is becoming ridiculous.

Sorry for my rant.


THE PROMISED NEVERLAND midway impression


I don’t get it. 

T-o I feel like a div, I have only just now figured out what the numbers mean. I just kept look at the titles of each episode with a confused look on my face: 12/10/45, 13/10/45, 18/10/45, 29/10/45, 30/10/45, 31/10/45 (Date- month – year).

This anime is about a bunch of kids in a demon farm.

I don’t know what to think of this show. It looks beautiful and all of the sounds are perfectly timed….but, it just doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

I came into this wanting physiological horror, which I think it’s trying to give me. The problem is that its not shocking me or scaring me. I feel nothing for these characters (outside of me not wanting to see children killed).

I want to know how the mothers are making babies?

Where do they get there food from?

Whats with the flowers?

When it did try to shock me I felt annoyance, for at that moment a smart character was hit with stupid stick.

“He’s the bad guy, he wants to keep a good percentage of the live stock.”

I don’t really know how this is going to end.

I like kairosoft games (fight me).

It feels like when ever you want to play game that is small on you switch you get villainized for it.

game reviewer: “The eshop is filled with all these small trash games.”

me: “I like those games.”

I came from the 3ds to the the switch, meaning that I’m a lot more familiar with the studio names of a lot of these smaller groups. If you used the 3ds eshop you know there are lot worse games then what have been popping up in the switch shop (I would barely call them games).  We handheld gamer have are own style of games we like to play!

*Maybe they should split us into two sections.* 

I have had my fill of ‘Dungeon Village’ and am now moving onto ‘pocket academy’.


Think I like these games because they reminds me of ‘CIRCLE Entertainment’ games,  without all the horrible glitches.  I have a bad relationship with this company, to the point where I associate there name with: unfinished and poorly programmed.

T-o I spent a lot of my time trying to teach people on the miiverse how to play there 3ds games (I was basically there Q&A). The tutorials were really bad at telling you how to play.


kairosoft games kind of fall under the same category of: Don’t explain how the mechanics work.  “I accept your challenge game!”

T-o I don’t own a smart phone (I don’t want one).

Pastel Memories midway impression

Capture 7

This anime isn’t worth the effort of getting a new image.

This anime is about girls magically jumping into anime/manga to save them from being forgotten. 

Have you ever watch anime that has made so many dumb choice that you can’t fathom how it go created? That’s this show.

I don’t know who this anime was made for.

There are sections where I can go, “someone in there 20’s might get the joke” and then, “maybe someone who is 25?” to be followed by, “even I’m to young for that joke.”

When an episode tries to be action paced the animation becomes extremely stilted, along with the line work/shading looking nonsensically messy.

The episodes are passable, just along as they stick to simple story construction: bad guy + defeat =  victory.

The worst episode that I have seen is episode 7, for this one episode failed to do ANYTHING correct.

  1. The setting was all over the place.
  2. Why were they in a game to begin with? Why the nes?
  3. Tacking on the bad guy at the end doesn’t solve the pothole!!!!


Good thing I’m watching this with DB (you need to be able to have a good laugh when watching this).

Domestic Girlfriend ‘Drop’


She creeps me out.

I’m a little confused by this anime.

He has sex with a random girl, ok.

He has the hots for his teacher, ok.

How old is the teacher?………. I don’t know????????

*I’m sure she would be fired for secretly meeting on the roof and for have an inappropriate relationship with a student.*

The reason why I asked about her age is because she went with her mother to see who her new dad was going to be????? The school girl I understand, but a grown woman; is she still living at home?

Later in the episode: SHE LIVES WITH HER MUM! You’re a grown ass woman, get your own home! You’re a teacher, surly you make enough to get a flat somewhere.

Stopped watching

I’m dropping this like stone, no way do I want to watch a grown woman groom a school boy.

XD I got my first Tetris 99 WIN!

It took 77 rounds, but I did it!

I have it screen shot of it on my switch (I have no way to post it at the moment).

^-O I was so happy I got DB to text an image of the screen to my mum. she didn’t really understand, but still gave me a thumbs up regardless.

Has there ever been a better excuse to pour yourself a victory glass of your valentines present.


Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka first impression

Capture 2h.PNG

Lots of blood, but no impact.

This anime is about magical girls who fight terrorist….or monsters, maybe? The show didn’t really make it that clear.


I was kind of hoping that the world was being destroyed by plushies. 

Here is my problem with this anime so far: Them being magical girls in the story is a little irrelevant, there is no real reason for young girls to become them or really want to be one.

It’s in fact a little strange to see a little girl say she wants to be one? In the context of another magical girl show that would be fine…. but here, it’s like having a 5 year old tell you they want to be in the army (I would be a little concerned).  Magical girls are established to be put in life threatening situation (lava monster) and fight terrorists.

Plus in this context why are there only magical ‘girls’???? Is it so we can see there boobs?

There’s blood, over the top bad guys, attempted shock and out of place eyeballs (they look so strange).

This show might struggle to hold my attention.