Girly Air Force DROPPED!


This show is boring!

This shows plot-hole is so big you drive a car though it. THERE IS NO REASON FOR THE PILOTS TO HAVE THE BODIES OF YOUNG GIRLS!

I think what made me snap was episode 3, for writing too a nose dive in this episode due to *gulp* them trying to create drama….and failing amazingly.  You can’t have people be perfectly OK with her walking around the base and even leaving into civilian location yet, get super angry when she eats food with them. You undermine the severity of the saturation along side making people just look like monsters.

Episode 2 was so slow that I fell asleep, when I woke up nothing had happened.

I can watch a bad show if the writing is insane, but I can’t watch a bad show that puts me to sleep.

4 responses

  1. wow, that bad icy?? XDD

  2. Haven’t watched this one, but that reminds me of Black Bullet, which had a bunch of little girls for no real reason…

    1. Black Bullet is trying to be elfen lied (young girls are not effected by the virus while males get killed).
      It’s more like ‘Arpeggio of Blue Steel’, where for some reason the boat are young woman for no reason.

  3. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    I watched the first episode and wasn’t too impressed. Dragon Pilot was better. Instead of girls the planes are cute dragons.

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