Game streaming….they didn’t answer my one question?

Google yesterday announced ‘Stadia’.

I have many question about this service, My biggest one being: what is running these games?

They showed and bragged about how good they are at creating HUGE games and HUGE servers, but what dose any of that mean if the game doesn’t run? google,”There are no limits.” That’s a lie.

With Microsoft my question was always,  “How are they going to distribute this?”

When it come to google my only question is, “What is this powered by?”

Do you know why a console is so big? it’s because that  box is filled with all the chips and programs required to run the machine.  Even if you want to play your ps4 on your phone you still need to have your console on.

If you don’t want the box to be with them, you need the box to be with you.  We are talking about a game console with the power to run over million players at once! its that an amazing thought,  a single computer console running one game for that many people. Even if you did have subordinate towers taking the strain you still need the master to do all the redirecting/processing.

^_O That’s the beast I want to see!

At the moment it looks like google is going to power millions of individual consoles,  which seems both insane and impractical. The amount of power reacquired to run that set up is unimaginable.

Streaming a video or even loading a page is not the same as running a game.

XD That wifi controller, it feels like a hacking disaster waiting to happen (connects to the router).   Imagine the fun you could have annoying people in public wifi spots.

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  1. Haven’t seen anything on this. Google is planning to basically outsource people’s gpus / cpus? So you do an input, which gets sent to some Google megaserver, which then applies the input to the game and streams you the result back?

    That’s pretty neat, although good luck if people have bad internet like myself haha. Plus then your even more screwed if the internet is down, at least Steam has offline mode.

    1. It seems really messy.

      1. I guess it’d be like watching a stream on Twitch, only you are the one playing the game? Minus the delay – although you’d think there would always be a little delay, unless you have crazy good internet.

      2. Your playing the game by yourself but, technically running the same game by themselves at the same time. it’s confusing.

  2. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    I am sceptical about this system. Even if Google pay for enough hardware to power the games, most people don’t have a good enough internet connection to play lag free. Sony already offers a similar service and it’s not very popular.

    1. I managed to get a random video sent to my you-tube talking about this.
      There expecting the game companies to make there own hardware to power the game (guess this AAA exclusive club).

      Are internet providers are more concerned with how many people in a house can connect then are speed.

      No point trying to sell ‘ultra fibre broadband’ to a village on a locked speed.

      p.s. LOL “PS Now is the only place to play some of the greatest PlayStation-exclusive titles on a Windows PC or laptop.” XD I’m sure Microsoft is happy that you are using the operating system.

      PlayStation really need to come up with a back up plan (Microsoft streaming is coming soon).

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