How have I been?

why have I not been so active? At the moment my entire family is trying to deal the idea of my grandad dying.  I have a close family, so there are  lot of different reaction/responses to the shock of what going on.

This entire saturation has been making me think a lot about relationship I have with my dad, along with what he told me about his relationship with his dad. Happy mother’s day mum, but I find of need to show dad a little bit more appreciation at the moment (ironic).

To make him smile I did something I personally didn’t want to do, I played ‘PSVR’ for the first time. I come from a family of gamer’s, this tracks back to the days a ‘ZX spectrum’ (It was the XboxoneX of its time), when my dad had to write long strings of code in order to play games (he apparently owned both visions).


I first got to see and ‘SNES’ at my grandad’s, my first edutainment pc game along with my first time playing the ‘game boy’. I even remember the first time my grandad introduced me and my brother to the ‘Philips CDI’, “That thing Is huge!”.

From my cousin showing off his ‘DS’, playing the ‘Nintendo 64’ in my parents room (he hooked it up to a tv on the side of his bed for some reason) or even the first timer my dad got a home a PlayStation while my mum was sick (she technically owned that console).


Since are family is made up a one boy and two girls my brother would make me play two player games. My older sister does play games, she just doesn’t play them with her younger brother….she did with me though. That could be because my brother was a ‘bad gamer’, in the sense that he would get very aggressive when he lost and egotistical if he won.

This lead to my family using me as there champion during a family gaming sessions, “You must fight for a family honour.” The only problem is that because of my adrenaline issues I can only play for so long before my body gave up (it was important that I beat him the first time).

I’m a lot better at been relaxed when playing games now … but I still sometimes go a little numb when playing a heated game of ‘Splatoon’.


My dad wanted to show me a game called ‘Rush of blood’ on the psvr, he tried to show me it last time I stayed…but I turned him down.  With all with insanity going on In my family at the moment I wanted to make him smile, so when he offered this time round I said yes.

My mother didn’t want me to play it, but I insisted that I would (he picked that game without telling me at first).

I have a question for anyone who has played VR: Have you ever pressed your eyeball to the lens of the goggles? I couldn’t make out the distance.

Dad: “What do you see?”

Me: “Are old dog.”

Dad: “What?”

*Takes headset.*

Dad: “oh yeh!”

The ps4 had kicked me out into the log in menu (The TV wasn’t on).  The problem was that the two controllers weren’t sinking up with the game correctly, we eventually got it working.

So my mum,dad and db turned on the TV so they could see what I was seeing.  I got to my first killer clown and just shouted, “DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE,DIE!”

*shooting like a madman.*

My dad apparently had a huge grin on his face while my mother my mother was bemused by my reaction (I don’t know why).

DB: “She reacts this way even when not playing VR.”

*Skyrim; killing giant spider*


DB: “It’s already dead.”

Me: “JUST, MAKING, SURE!” *continues hitting it with a sword.*

It only happens on the first kill.


^-o I really enjoyed it, the fear you experience is more akin to riding a roller coaster then true disturbing terror.  Even the jump scare at the end had me laughing more then scared (guess it helped having people in the room).

*I was always aware that I was in a game.*

The other that he wanted to show me was ‘Astro Bot’; I can’t imagine how odd I must have looked while playing this game.

You take control of a little robot with the controller and a camera with your head. This means you are leaning forwards to look around walls and moving up and down to change your perspective.


Dad: “You will have to play more next time!”

It was great getting to see my dad so cheery during such hard times. If we have to use this as a form of bonding, so be it.




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