I found my answer: Are games too hard?

It’s a non question with non answer. For the question doesn’t have a base for the question, and the formula is always changing for the base.

The problem with the question ‘Are games hard?’ is that you have to presume there is a written standard for what is considered a normal games. Is there a list in the studio telling them what the average persons mental capabilities are?

When someone makes a game there going to base the difficulty on what there head deems doable. Even if they did make a ‘easy, normal or hard mode’ it would still be based on what they deemed should fall under them sections.

Then you have the problem of puzzles that test different parts of the brain.

I don’t really have a solution the problem, this is due too many people having different mental skill sets.

You can’t win.

You can ether play the game, or you can’t.

You just have to do your research before buying a game.


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  1. How “hard” a game is depends on how much time / patience someone is willing to put into the game. With enough practise, someone can beat Dark Souls All Bosses in around an hour.. and yet on a first playthrough it might take someone 20+ hours to do the same thing.

    People are just getting more and more used to instant gratification, and becoming less willing to actually put time into overcoming obstacles in games. The path World of Warcraft has taken over the years is a good example of that.

    1. That hard is based on what you see as hard. If I got someone ells of different mental abilities they would interpret the the information I have displayed before them in a different way.

      For what you say “takes an hour” will take another longer or maybe shorter.

      Plus ‘gratification/endorphins’ can’t be activated the way for everyone.
      T-o I don’t play long games, I find them super boring and they give me no gratification. I find most of them to be so under simulating that I fall asleep with controller in hand.
      I prefer puzzles that can test my mental speed.

      Just because the game didn’t over 20 hours to beat, doesn’t make the game easy or hard.
      As I always say: “tedious doesn’t equal hard.”

  2. I think it just depends on the developer’s design philosophy. Some games are made for the types of players who love overcoming incredible challenges, like Dark Souls.

    1. O_o This isn’t meant to be happening though.
      I have tried to over come a lot of the problems, there is only so far I can go before the game ether crashes or stops responding to my controllers. *I’m having to reboot after one mini game.*

    2. Sorry, wrong post.

      There are different types of hard depending on what kind of person you are.
      Take my current situation, the difficultly comes from the game being unstable.
      I love arcade games, but a lot of the difficulty comes from it being unbalanced.
      Different people will always see different things as being difficult.

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