Pokemon, sword and shield defence

It was announced that this game isn’t going to have a national dex (many people are upset).

I want to bring up a BIG point here: most Pokemon in a generation are just filler, you don’t use them and you don’t remember them.

Awhile ago I looked at every generation designs and organised them into 3 categorise.

Good = you remember them.

kind of = Forgettable

Bad =  you remember them for the wrong reasons.


*This dons’t include Maga or Alolan forms.*

I did end up missing the odd Pokemon, but that is to be expected when your having to look at so many designs (missing 7).


The odds of a Pokemon that you like being in the game is a lot higher then you would like to think.

I would also like to bring this point up:

807 Pokemon

male/ female = 1404

(no gender) = 105 

 shiny =  1509

3018 Pokemon!

I just wanted to give this entire situation a little more perceptive.

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  1. What ya think of the sequel to zelda Botw icy??

    1. ^-o They haven’t really shown anything.
      I like the idea of there being a sequel … don’t know what they are going to do with it.

      I can give you my friend code if you want?

      1. I don’t have a switch :(. I do have a Wii U xDD. However, I’m sceptical on pc, xb, ps4 or wii u. I gave out my ps4 psn with some bloggers and most aren’t too bothered doing things over there, which is okay.

      2. The ps4 belongs to DB, I only own the psvr.

  2. Are these pie charts just your own opinions though? Some Pokémon may be forgettable to you but not to everyone. Lots of people like less popular Pokémon. I get their reasoning I guess but ugh. It just feels bad.

    As someone who has been collecting and breeding competitive grade shiny teams since the DS came out, the idea of not being able to keep some of my carefully bred and raised mons is heartbreaking. I have a lot of ones that I put tons of work into breeding with egg moves before doing the shiny breeding, such as Furfrou which is probably considered filler by most people.

    To some even the filler Pokémon are part of the Pokémon world experience. Maybe they could keep working on a National dex after release and do a DLC update for once. I know folks would pay for it.

    1. T_o Your telling me people are going to get upset because relicanth isn’t there? A lot of these people can’t even name or remember what they look like.
      OMG let’s cry for the loss of wormadam and the pansage family.
      What will we do without 8 types of starter bird!

      When you make over 800 designs you going to have sinkers.
      NO ONE uses them.

      Plus with all dumb mistakes over the years there is a ridicules power balance problem, what where they expecting when they created the worm halls in ultra moon/sun.

      Ultra beast are defiantly not coming back, Legionaries need to be brought back under control. O_O The power balance mess they crated with maga’s was a joke.

      I can see a lot of Pokemon getting into the game, just not Pokemon like luvdisc or delibird.

      There are a lot of good Pokemon, just as many useless ones.

      1. Oh I complete agree many may go largely unused but I also know that even the unpopular ones have niche fans. Many players keep “living dex” collections, one of everyone Pokémon in boxes in dex order. It’s all part of the overall Pokémon world experience. I think the main problem is that we have 7 generations of expectations of being able to transfer our entire collections up to the next game, and suddenly that’s gone, which prevents us from keeping things we’ve put a lot of work and love into building. They’re reasoning is that the animation quality is higher now per model, but none of the footage showed anything better than in the 3DS games, so fan as like “yeeeeah BS on that fam”. Game Freak has been drowning in profit for ages and there’s no reason they couldn’t work on a National dex as DLC or a later patch for free, you know? Just because a Pokémon is “useless” doesn’t mean it’s not worth collecting and isn’t part of the overall Pokémon world experience.

      2. I agree, it was wrong for game-freak to say “You can take all your Pokemon with you with Bank.” and then change there stance at the last second.

        Here’s the problem (I mentioned this in the post), there are 3018 Pokemon models in the files technical. Only 807 are the moving body models.
        They have choose the ones they feel are the most marketable (plush/card-game).

        Then you have to take into account all of there new battle animation…which I don’t like. Here’s the problem, they make all of the moves, but they don’t animate them to the Pokemon. How can a game from 12 years ago (Pokemon battle revolution) on the wii do this, but you can’t do this on modern hardware?

        I think Pokemon Need’s to start extending the development time from 3 to 4 years (gen 3-4 were 4 years).

        It would be better to patch the national dex in, and make DlC story-lines for the legends.
        The way you can match people up with have the DLC (power balancing) and stop/slowdown the amount on legendaries people have.

        This biggest power problem game freak could really do with fixing is the IV issue.

        At the end of the day it’s the ‘Pokemon company’ that makes the final marketing decision.

        My favourite obscure is Gastrodon.

      3. Oh also I’m not talking about Mega evolution here. Just regular dex entries.

    2. I’m not say that different Pokemon are not special to people. What I’m saying is that a lot of the Pokemon design (things there based on) have been refined over the year, making the over visions a little redundant.

      Black and white recreated a lot of these old deigns, some for the worse and others for the better. foongus looks a more visually pleasing then the voltorb.

      If Game freak want to make a less cluttered game, let them.
      p.s T_o The national dex isn’t even normally open from the start of the game anyway.

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