Pokémon SS: me snapping (rant)

This is really starting to piss me off, THIS GAME ISN’T HARD TO PROGRAM!!! If we are talking about the open fields and models moving/being generated you are of to talk about difficult programming, however, if your talking about the battles system PISS OFF.

A Pokémon battle at its core is just one long algebraic formula with different value being swapped in and out.  The reason why there are no unique animations is because it’s easier to set one animation for everyone then having to set individual Responses.

This is how it would work:

  • Pokémon name – loads model
  • With model – loads numbers
  • Model has a standing animation and 3 battle animations
  • One of the 3 animations is assigned to a move
  •  Move is activated and the model moves
  • Game then layers attack over the model animation  
  • After that pointless display, the numbers are added up in order to calculate the impact on the other Formula that you are fighting.

There is literally nothing complicated about programming these battles.

When it come to the CAD (computer aided design) there really should’t be a problem.  “They had to remake all the models” …. WHY?Iit would be extreme waste of resources seeing as they already have 807 completed 3d models.

It would of actually have been harder to design for old Pokemon games like black and white due to it needing 3 individual frames for every sprite (to create the illusion of animation).  You would also have to make an individual back sprite for every model.

The sounds that come from Pokemon are really dated…. to a ridicules degree now. With each generation of hardware Pokemon have been getting better sound files….however they never update the old ones.  What we have here is 20 year of different levels audio quality being randomly toughen at you (to call it jarring would be an understatement).

Pokemon could have easily have done this with the spites, but they didn’t.


Pokemon battles in the stadiums look amazing, you really to get a good idea of how tall each of these monster are in comparison to each other… but they just can’t get rid of that invisible wall problem.  In a fighting you kind of need to feel like you character is making contact with the enemy…in Pokemon it feels like your two holograms not really occupying the same space.

e.g In the first splatoon concert they had both Callie and Marie appear on stage together, the problem was they couldn’t interact because they were being generated to different screens.  In the second concert with pearl and marina they point of have the two walk past each other in order to show they were sharing the same space. 

If Pokemon really wants a future in 3d modelled games it need to find a solution to this problem (I would have no problem with Pokemon being missing if this was the reason).

Unlike other Pokemon games in the past we have now entered into a generation where games can be patch easily.  So claiming the issues having anything to do with balancing is a thing of the past (you just adjust as needed).

As soon as the confiscation goes into integrating models into a 3ds space my knowledge of program goes out the window.  I only know how the coding for how each action is performed, I’m not too familiar with the coding for how each 3d model is programmed to react in the world….I would’t image that every model is programmed that way.

The bigger the world the more complicated it is to keep track of everything.

Pokemon Battles are nothing more then layering, you don’t have to worry about any of the other complication that come with having a model in a 3d space.


I don’t believe game-freak should be getting praise so anything in this game.

“They have an moving camera” This has been a slandered thing in 3d open world games for years.

“Pokemon are being generated on the same layer as my character”  This has been a standard thing in 3d open world games for years.

“I can walk around on a wide open map.” This has been a standard thing in 3d open world games for years.

“Your just being entitled!” These things have been STANDARD in 3d open world games for years.

We are entitled to a 3d open world game that has standard open world features that have been there for years.  Why would we want the world of game development to go backwards?  If you learn that something didn’t work in old games you fix it in future games (that becomes a standard, something that is expected to be there).

T-o The amount of studying involved with learning the history of programming must be a nightmare (YAY for contextual studies class).


There is one impotent line I used to say to myself when studying, “I can’t know about something I don’t know about.”  This was me favourite line to response to a teacher with when they say, “Go research this.”

We have no books on the subject, are internet was restricted and the curriculum had one answer (even if wrong) that we all had to find…. how are you supposed to win in that situation?

My point is that if your a game studio/developer you need to constantly be listening to everything around you in order to learn things that didn’t even cross your mind. Why go though the process of falling into every hole when someone ells has already found/solved them for you?

Isolating yourself just creates an echo chamber, where nothing can improve purely because you can’t see that anything could be wrong/outdated.


I feel a lot better now after that rant. XD

Plus it gave me an excuse to practice writing for longer periods of time.



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