New Pokemon rumble game…..WHY?!


I have done my time with this series….and I want that time back.

‘Pokémon Rumble’ was a ‘wii ware’ title from 2009.

This lead to the creation of  ‘Pokémon Rumble/Super Blast’ on the 3ds,  which came out in 2011 to a resounding, MEH.

Then we move into 2013 with the release of ‘Pokémon Rumble U’, which bombed hard!  I don’t think anyone really wants to remember that this game exists. The only note worthy thing to be attached to this game is that it created the precursor to amiibo. *It had a physical release.*

Pokémon Rumble World’ was originally released as a free to start game in 2015 for 3ds download. You would have to wait for the timer to go down or pay for the other sections of the game.  Even if you paid for the full game you would still have to wait for timers, however you would have a lot more worlds to play in while it was timing down.   *Eventually it was given a physical release*

After this ‘Pokemon quest’ came out for the switch/phones in 2018, a spiritual successor to the ‘rubble’ line of game.  It gave all of the models a redesign and added a skill tree for more tactical battling.

Now we are in 2019, and for some unknown reason they abandoned ‘Quest’ to bring back ‘rumble’.

Is there just someone at ‘The Pokemon Company’ who is obsessed with this series?

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    1. ^_^ I can’t help being a geek on this topic.

      1. There is another blogger that does like poke, maybe she might interest you. Her blog is here:

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