Ordered a joy-con repair kit

It’s gotten to the point where the drift is effecting the buttons.

For any one who doesn’t know what joy-con drift is:

  1. It starts off as your sticks slightly moving on there own once in a while.
  2. Then it will flings the analogue sticks  randomly in one direction (a fiddle of the stick will fix it).
  3.  It will get to a point where you have to fight the movement in order to reach the calibration menu (a quick temporary fix). 
  4. When analogue sticks no longer has a still siting position you can’t calibrate them anymore, meaning that you are screwed! *The calibration won’t work because the stick will not fling back in a straight line….that and it takes a long time for the stick to rest its sitting position.*

T-o I have no choice but to perform surgery on them (I really don’t want to).

*Both of them have this problem.*


2 responses

  1. I have read that Nintendo is fixing drifting JoyCons for free now in their attempt to avoid a lawsuit. Granted, doesn’t help now that you have already brought a repair kit lol

    1. Only in the USA, i’m in UK.

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