anime i’m watching

will update when i’m reorganized.

 I need to have a good anime binge session (things keep getting in the way).



I choose anime by putting them all into a random generator.

I then pick 10 at random and then the spinner will choose from that selection.

9 responses

  1. How’s Nobunaga the Fool? I loved Durarara :3

    1. ^_^ put Nobunaga the Fool in the search box and it will come up with: my first impression and midway impression. *I wrote a little about all the shows i’m watching in my top 11 winter anime*

  2. Wow, you are a true blue otaku. No time to watch that much.
    I haven’t done with Gintama, Kuroko No Basket and i’ll watch more once my exams are over.
    Thanks for the follow and likes~

    1. I had to make an excel chart in order to keep track of them. *I should really post that list layout in my watching section.*

      I made this blog so that I could watch anime without feeling that i’m wasting my time (I try to post everyday).

      *In short: I felt very lost after college and this took my mind off the sudden boost in free time. p.s. I do have a job *

      I love your stories and I hope to read more of them in the future. ^_^

      1. College… *haaaah… i feel so young* <- well i actually am, like around half your age, give or take.
        I'm feeling like this…

        ^Go check out this webcomics. Really nice.
        Still, i'll try to write as much as possible after the exams, maybe revamp Moon Type <- have you checked it out yet?

      2. we do start college at the age of 16 in the uk (i did 4 years of art at college).

        interesting style choice.
        *Think that’s how we all feel in that situation. XD*

  3. So…if i’m in UK, i’d be four years to college. That’s fast o.0
    You do watch heck loads of anime… I have a cousin doing arts too, wondering what do you guys do?

    1. ^-o you only have to stay in college till your 18 (when I was in school you could leave education at 16).

      Do you want me to list them all?

      Photography (we had a dark room)
      Computer art (we had a Mac lad and a Pc lab)
      Fine art
      Life drawing
      Contextual studies (art history)
      Wood work
      Graphic design

      one year we stayed in the same room and painted/drew still life none stop. o-0 we had to draw entire still life displays within a time limit (you have 30 seconds to draw this).

      T-o every time you painted/drew something you have to do a long evaluation on it (never let them pile up).

      XD There is a lot of writing involved with an art course.

      o-0 it was a high school for art.

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