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elDLIVE: what the hell!

This is written like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

The style looks like it’s for a young  shounen audience.

Y_Y Why the hell is there jiggly breast in an anime for 8-12 year olds!


I have seen shounen woman with big breast however, I have never seen it this overtly sexual. If the show is not made for for 8-12 year olds WHO WERE YOU PLANING ON SELLING THIS TOO!

This anime is clearly made with really young boys in mind.


Dose anyone ells feel this way about 2015-2016 anime?

I’m going though my back catalogue of anime and came to a realisation: There are too many bland anime in this list!

o-O I have the morning off next week which means I can watch more anime no problem, however, I feel like a lot of the shows on my list are so bland that I can already guess how they are going to end.

In 2014 I found that there was a lot more risks taken in the variety of show being released….why have we gone back to playing it safe????

It feels like loads of anime released in 2015-2016 are just going to be lost to time thanks to how little impact they left (they are not bad, they are not bad, they are just average).

Black butler…why do you like it?

Even if I wasn’t watching the Dub I can see a lot of problems with this anime!

T-o Where is this anime set??? You might say: “It’s London” Then why is Ciel dressed like a male lolita???? I doubt lolita fashion was a thing during any random British time period they are going for.

The animation is passable and the writing feel unbalanced at times (It’s hard to mix comedy and drama without splitting you anime in half).

Do people only like this show because Sebastian is attractive or dose it improve to amazing levels?

What are you Spiritpact?


This is one of the first shows in a long time where I’m willing to talk about each episode individually.

This anime feels like it will be the Magical warfare of 2017! It will start off in a bad place and end up in an amazing terrible place.

From what information I could find this anime comes from china and is based on a Chinese web comic.

At least with magical warfare it was a publish book, this on the other hand is a web comic…a lot more room to slip up don’t you say.

strap yourself in we are in for a bumpy ride.

hitorinoshita – The Outcast on hold


My computer is stuck in wide screen mode(my graphics card also seems to be malfunctioning).

*Long as my other programs work I can get around this madness.*

This is one of those anime that if not handled with care you might loose all interest in ever watching another anime.

T-O  Just by watching the 2nd episode I can say straight up that  this show will probably end up being  3 out of 10.

3: A show that doesn’t drain your spirit however, you will feel a deep scene of dissatisfaction followed by you asking “why dose this exist!”

Alderamin on the Sky on hold


I hate this anime.

Establish your world!  The setting of this anime never stays consistent for more than one episode, it’s driving me mad.

For a good chunk of the anime I thought when he said: “scientific” he didn’t know what this meant and he was using it as another way to say “logical”….nope! He’s just a pretentious jerk.

Don’t say geological or mathematical, scientific sounds so much cooler.

^-o According to this anime doing tasks efficiently means you’re lazy.

Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold o-o problem ???


What is going on???

Turns out this is the midway in a series……which is advertised as it’s own series?????

O_O Why is this its own series!  Doesn’t this just confuse people  who are trying to watch the anime on crunchyroll??? Why split a story into two different shows?????

This is the first time I have ever come across nonsense on this level.


I have no time for shows that require me research what order the series should be watched in before staring(too much faff).

Fell-asleep watching active raid

It has been a long time since an anime has managed to send me to sleep.

*I will try get to the mid way tomorrow.* 

I think one of the problems with this anime is the name; my brain always goes to a can of raid before thinking about robot police.


Occultic;Nine *facepalm*


NEET:  ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’

The show screwed up from the get go!

crunchyroll is down

*Bangs head against wall.* I was in the mood to watch something!

Capture copy.jpg

^_^ I forgive you cute kitty!